COVID-19: The crucial message of a doctor in New York city to Quebec

COVID-19: Le message crucial d’un médecin à New York aux Québécois

After a night working in the emergency of a New York hospital, a doctor had an important message to deliver to Quebec.

“You have the extraordinary opportunity to be behind in the epidemic. You have a little time”, has launched the Dr. Julien J. Cavanagh, in an interview with Paul Larocque, Saturday, on the waves of LCN.

“If you confine yourself now, in a fortnight you will have 200 people dead in Quebec. If your containment is effective, if you do really well and seriously, if you only take out once a week to do shopping, you have the historic opportunity to contain the spread,” added the doctor who practices in New York.

The State of New York has emerged as the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, with nearly 45 000 cases and more than 500 people dead as of Friday, numbers that are rapidly evolving.

“There are 15 days, there were two patients [with the COVID-19] on all three of the partner hospitals where I work. To this day, there are 480”, said Dr. Julien J. Cavanagh.

“This is a situation, really, in a health disaster that we are currently living in New York, said Dr Cavanagh. This is a show that I never thought I’d see in my career.”

Anxiety in caregivers

While the protective equipment is rationed and that the tests are reserved for patients with the most serious, some caregivers new yorkers have a growing fear of the coronavirus. And for good reason, since the sick are increasing in their ranks.

“The equipment begins to fail. One is forced to reuse disposable materials, such as masks, N-95, eye protection, covers”, confessed the doctor.

According to the estimates of authorities of new york, the peak of the epidemic will be held in three weeks in the american metropolis.

“One is aware that he will have to make choices. We are already thinking of protocols to carefully select the patients who will have the best chance of cure. And that is something in the modern medicine to which we do not expect,” continued Dr Cavanagh.

“We passed a medicine extremely sophisticated, hyperspécialisée, to a situation of disaster, disaster health”, he concluded.

– With information from Agence France-Presse


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