COVID-19: the director of the office of the nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari is dead

COVID-19: le directeur de cabinet du président nigérian Muhammadu Buhari est mort

Abuja | The director of cabinet and chief advisor to the head of State of nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has died after being infected with the new coronavirus, announced on Saturday that the presidency in Abuja.

The presidency regrets to announce the death of Abba Kyari, right arm of Buhari, according to a press release published in the night.

“The deceased was tested positive to the COVID-19, which has been devastating and receiving care. But he died on Friday 17 April 2020”, stated the press release. “God will accept his soul.”

Abba Kyari is the highest personality in Nigeria to have succumbed to the virus that has officially infected 493 people and left 17 people dead.

His exact age has never been revealed publicly, but it was likely more than 70 years, and was a mysterious figure, a figure of the first circle of Buhari, a former general of the 77-year-re-elected for a second term in 2019.

Abba Kyari that controlled access to the head of State. He was responsible for all strategic meetings at the presidency, and granted hearings of the president to the ministers.

He had tested positive for the coronavirus at the end of march, after a stay in Germany, causing panic to the top of the State and requiring in the wake of several high-ranking officials nigerians have been in contact with him to be put in quarantine.

On march 29, Kyari was announced to have been transferred to Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria to be cared for and hoped to “be back at (his) office very soon”.

The presidency has not communicated on the issue of whether Mr. Buhari was himself tested for the coronavirus, but the head of the State has pronounced in recent days several televised speeches to announce measures to curb its spread.

The federal authorities have imposed a confinement in Lagos and in the capital, Abuja, but the governors of other States have also taken measures such as closing their borders.

The most populous country in Africa, with 200 million inhabitants, is particularly vulnerable to the health crisis, because of his fragile health system and its high population density.

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