COVID-19: the employees of the CHU de Québec will finally be tested

COVID-19: les employés du CHU de Québec seront finalement testés

Employees of the CHU de Québec back to a red zone will finally be all tested for the new coronavirus before returning to work.

The Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) de Quebec is back on its initial decision, did not provide screening test or quarantine for the next fifteen employees sent in reinforcement in a CHSLD de Laval struggling with a major outbreak of the COVID-19.

In a report released Saturday, the interim president of the trade union of workers of the CHU of Quebec deplored the decision of the university hospital, alleging that she was endangering the lives of workers, their families and their patients. The CHU assured, for its part, comply with the guidelines of the public health “to the letter”.

VAT News had also learned that at least one employee of university hospital who has lent a hand at the CHSLD of Eden had been declared positive with the COVID-19.

The employees will be back in the beginning of the week in Quebec city.


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