COVID-19: the employees of the SAQ refuses to return to work

COVID-19: des employés de la SAQ refusent de rentrer au travail

Fearing the pandemic COVID-19 and explaining poorly the decision of the government on the maintenance activities, several workers of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) have decided in recent days not to go back to work.

This was confirmed to the Journal the trade union of the employees of the SAQ (TH-SAQ–CSN). These workers believe that the company Status is not an essential service and that the branch should close.

On Tuesday, the union, however, was not able to provide figures on the number of employees who chose to stay at home. They are approximately 5500 to respond to consumers in points of sale.

Recall that on Monday, the government Legault has called for the closure of all the shops and businesses that are not essential. The stores of the SAQ and quebec Society in the cannabis (SQDC) remain open.

According to different workers of the SAQ with which The Journal has discussed in the past few days, it is “illogical” to maintain the activities of sale of wine and spirits in the circumstances.

“Consumers can buy alcohol in grocery stores and convenience stores. I know three other people who have also chosen to stay home without pay. There are several people concerned”, says an employee preferring not to disclose his name to avoid reprisals.

She refuses today to go to work. The one that got the green light from his superior is home and she does not receive a salary.

Not enough action

In addition, some workers believe that the SAQ did not put in place enough measures to protect the employees of its branches.

“It is necessary that the SAQ is a way for customers to have more access to products,” says the union president, Katia Lelièvre.

“There are pharmacies that do. I can’t believe that a State is not able to say that we will take the customers order. The employee could go get the bottles and bring them to the cashier. And this is not normal that he does not have a plexiglas”, she adds.

On the side of the SAQ, the executive confirms that she should “deal with issues of availability, mainly due to the voluntary isolations, and issues related to childcare services closed”.

The Crown corporation said flexibility.

The branches are now closed on Sundays. The opening hours have also been reduced.

Read the letter an employee has decided to stay at home

This letter from an employee that works with the State society since 2010 was written last week.

Isolation, day 4.

Goal of the day : say NO to my employer.

For years, I have two jobs. I am the owner of a neighborhood bar, in addition to working at the SAQ. When the government has demanded the closure of bars and other gathering places, in order to stop the spread of the COVID 19, I did not hesitate for a single second. I have endorsed and complied with the measures put in place by the government.

While the government strongly advises the population to stay confined to the house and avoid all exits non-core, the SAQ remains open doors. In branch, we asked what white wine to accompany a steak of salmon, marinade, Dijon, and maple. I only have one piece of advice to offer : “go home you ca**a*! “But many clients do not seem willing to change their habits, they want the same service. Customers with a complexion of snowbird fresh off of the plane come themselves to buy their bottles. The instructions of the government, however, are clear : STAY HOME ! Do come and especially not for you to brag about your gorges that peck, of your quarantines, which will be well watered, or simply lie about your state of health in order to be able to rejoice in a bottle of alcohol to calm the stress of the crisis.

I decided to do my part. I refuse to go to work in these conditions, and this, even if the SAQ is not allowing me not to pay. I take this decision, despite the closure of the neighborhood bar that I would like for several years, in spite of the termination of employment of my employees, in the absence of not being able to pay, and despite the fact that I can myself assign of wages in this context. I decided to have the courage to follow my convictions. I stay at home.

And now, since my living room, 13 h typing, I hear the prime minister give a huge two and a half seconds to all of my colleagues who are struggling and are under great psychological stress at work. The government has-t-he forgot to mention the situation of the employee.e.s of the SAQ and the SQDC in its point of release ? A press briefing during which I am at home, not paid, fearing for the future of all of and all and when I hear Legault say that the SAQ remains open. Just like that. Two and a half seconds for thousands of dollars into its coffers each day.

Need I remind you that alcohol is not an essential need ? Do I need to say that the alcohol weakens the immune system ? And don’t get me wrong, I love wine ! But why should we risk the health of so many people, customers and employees alike ? The answer is simple. The government seems willing to sacrifice the health of employees of the SAQ and the SQDC for the dollar.

In passing, I would like to salute the courage of the people working in the field of health care and transportation. Many of us would prefer far make themselves useful by volunteering, rather than distribution of alcohol and help the virus to spread.

Back to the point. Health.

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