COVID-19 : The epidemic in New York now on a curve “top-down”

COVID-19 : L’épidémie à New York désormais sur une courbe «descendante»

NEW YORK | The epidemic of coronavirus in the State of New York, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, has begun for the first time, a curve “downward”, said on Sunday governor Andrew Cuomo, while calling for do not release containment measures.

“We’ve passed the point at the top, and all the indications at this stage are that we are in a downward phase,” said Sunday the New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, during his press briefing daily on the outbreak.

But while the pressure to boost the activity goes up through the United States — with more than 740 000 confirmed cases and 40 000 deaths in the worst-affected country in the world by the epidemic, he called for caution in order “not to jeopardize” the progress made.

“The continuation of this descent will depend on what we will do,” said Mr. Cuomo, who has recently extended the containment measures in his State until may 15.

Other States have begun to relax the rules of distancing. Some of the Florida beaches were allowed to reopen Sunday, and immediately taken by assault. The governors of Texas and Vermont have also planned to revive certain activities, cautiously, from Monday.

The pressure is high, then unemployment explodes. The protests have multiplied in the last eight days in the american States to denounce a confinement is deemed to be excessive.

Most of the gatherings were limited to a few hundred people – one of them Sunday in Chicago even made a flop, with only three cars of protesters. But a demonstration on Wednesday in east Lansing, Michigan, was attended by approximately 3,000 people.

The american president has in his way, encouraged these demonstrations: on Friday, he had called for “free,” some States-led by governors-democrats. Saturday, after a dozen events anticonfinement in various States, he felt that ” some of the governors had gone too far “.

Comments denounced by some governors, including republicans.

Larry Hogan, republican governor of Maryland, the scene of a protest on Saturday, has estimated that ” encourage people to demonstrate against a plan that you just make recommendations, it has no meaning “.

Dispute on the tests

Another point of friction between governors and Donald Trump: the tests massive needed to revive the economy without risking a new outbreak of the epidemic.

The federal government ensures that States now have sufficient capacity tests at their disposal, this that belie several governors.

“As I had reason for respirators (our Country is now the “King of respirators”, other countries call us for help and we will help), I have reason for testing: governors should increase their efforts and do the work. We will be with them UNTIL THE very END “, tweeted Donald Trump Sunday.



“There is a sufficient capacity of testing in the country today that any State can enter into the phase 1” of the re-opening of the economy, has also asserted its vice-president Mike Pence on Fox News.

In the framework of the recommendations issued by the White House to the States to decide the gradual lifting of the confinement, this first phase provides for the partial reopening of some businesses.

But the democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, highly criticized by Donald Trump in recent days for having adopted restrictions on weapons, has called “delusional” and “irresponsible” these assertions.

“We were asked, as a governor, to conduct this war without the equipment we need,” he said on CNN.

Gretchen Whitmer, governor Michigan democrat, where some 3,000 people demonstrated on Wednesday, also pointed to a shortage.

Just like Mr. Cuomo, who alternates between criticism and compliments of Donald Trump, but has sought to calm the game.

He considered the collaboration between the federal government and the States to move down the curve of ” phenomenal accomplishment “, stressing that Washington had been “a fantastic partner” when it had been necessary to increase the capacity of hospitals in new york in march.

But he stressed that the tests were the new challenge. “We can do better by working together than separately “, he stressed. “We need to work together and do the best possible. I am confident that we will get there, as we have done in the past.”

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