COVID-19: the FEQ lives of hope

COVID-19: le FEQ vit d’espoir

Even if it becomes more and more complicated in planning and preparations, the Festival of summer of Quebec could still occur on the scheduled dates, from 9 to 19 July, if the epidemic of COVID-19 that hits the province is controlled in time.

“There is a significant slowdown in relation to the preparations, but we are not made to a date hinge where it would be impossible to deliver the FEQ “, said the director of communications, Samantha McKinley.

The optimism of last week leaves, however slowly, up the realism. The speed at which spreads the virus, not only in Quebec, but also in the United States, where several of the main headliners of the event, a cancellation or a postponement of the FEQ appears more and more likely.

“We don’t put our head in the sand, but we don’t have definitive information that allows us to say that the festival is cancelled, or who would so that they could not be held in July. No artist of the programming is cancelled. Zero, ” says Ms. McKinley.

In the fall ?

The organization says analyze now the different scenarios. Could we postpone the festival until later in the course of the summer, or even at the gates of the fall ? Yes, says Samantha McKinley, but this is not the preferred option.

The availability of sites and artists, the weather, the uncertainty around the crisis and the duration of the measures of distance would represent challenges to overcome, ” says the spokesperson.

“There are a multitude of issues. I don’t want to create false expectations because, according to our research, currently, a report is not the most favourable option. “

Few layoffs

Unlike evenko, which announced Tuesday the layoffs of 60 % of its workforce, the FEQ operates with the majority of its workers. Only a dozen contract employees were informed that their employment will be, at best, delayed in 2020.

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