“COVID-19: the fight”: a special issue on the middle of the health

«COVID-19: le combat»: une émission spéciale sur le milieu de la santé

We speak constantly of the bitter struggle that leads the staff of the world health against the COVID-19. LCN will put images on the efforts of the gigantic which are provided on a daily basis in the hospitals with the television special “COVID-19: the battle”, which will be distributed this Wednesday, April 29, 20-h.

For the first time in the country, we will attend to the work colossal asked front-line workers that are fighting the pandemic in the health network. To do this, we will work at the CHUM, the largest hospital centre in Quebec, which is among the five montreal hospitals identified to accommodate people infected by the virus.

Against a backdrop of images of the inside of the intensive care unit, the reporter Félix Séguin, will speak with doctors and nurses who will testify to their working conditions and of the isolation experienced by the patients. It will demonstrate also the surgical precision necessary in the daily actions of each actor in the network of the health; even if it is not, for example, to move an infected person, the slightest mistake can lead to an explosion of positive cases, not only inside the centre, but also in the population external.

“COVID-19: the combat -” on Wednesday, April 29, at 20 h, on LCN. The chain is still available viewing now.

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