COVID-19: The first cheques to merchants, issued from may 4 by the City of Quebec

COVID-19: Les premiers chèques aux commerçants émis à partir du 4 mai par la Ville de Québec

While passing the aid to the traders 17 million to$ 20 million, the City of Québec is responsible for wanting to issue the first cheques of grants and loans from the 4 may.

From Monday, 20 April, merchants will be able to contact 311 or fill out a form on the internet to submit their applications. “The economic development team has doubled. It is organized so that we can reply from within 48 hours, ” said mayor Labeaume, yesterday. We will do the maximum possible for this to be distributed more fairly and more equally throughout the territory of the City.”

The latter has promised that the application form will be on two pages. “Everyone has worked to make it as simple as possible”. He recalled that the aim of the municipality is to assist between 500 and 1000 SMES who often fall between two chairs” and who generally do not have access to government subsidies.

At the end of the crisis, “we want the people of Quebec are their anchor and their bearings and the maximum of shops that were part of their daily lives there are two or three months”, he argued.

$ 3 Million of additional

In addition to the 17 million already announced (or$ 15 Million in loans and$ 2 Million in grants), Régis Labeaume announced a new fund of$ 3 Million of grants.

This program will allow the organization of events to ensure the vitality of enterprises and the implementation of campaigns to promote buying local. It refers to “collections, commercial, commercial streets” or “groupings spontaneous” who can see the light of day from time to time, ” said Mr. Labeaume.

Called upon to respond, Jean-François Gosselin, head of Quebec 21, expressed his astonishment. “It is rather amounts to the after-COVID-19, a-t-he regretted it. This is not money that is going to be useful to allow the survival of traders in this time of crisis. This is not enough, not anymore.”

More generally, the leader of the opposition has lamented the “slowness” of the municipal administration. “There is no check before the 4 may. It is far from being fast, he insisted. At the level of the federal government, the companies, make contact, and the money is deposited directly in their bank accounts the next day or two.”

From his side, Suzanne Roy, interim president of the Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ), has called on Ottawa to provide immediate assistance to municipalities in quebec, including finance, are strongly affected by the COVID-19.

Suzanne Roy, president of the Union of municipalities of Quebec, added that the Cities in quebec that are likely to “lack of liquidity” in the course of the year, but the latter did not plan the scenario of bankruptcy. Ms. Roy said he hoped an emergency aid of Ottawa in favour of the municipalities.

About the transport Network structuring

-“The prime minister (Legault) has asked me if we can go faster (for the mega-project). We want to go to the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement). We don’t want to avoid it. This is a good time to answer a lot of questions. We want to make good dates (from mid-June). Make a BAPE with technological means, it is organized”, Régis Labeaume, mayor of Québec city.

-“It speaks of a BAPE in June via videoconference. People don’t have the head for it. One can not hold a BAPE full pandemic”, Jean-François Gosselin, head of Quebec 21.

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