COVID-19: the flour and the sugar, victims of their popularity

COVID-19: la farine et le sucre, victimes de leur popularité

During the pandemic, the number of Quebecers went to the kitchen and to the bakery. To such an extent that several grocery stores are out of stock and lack of flour and sugar.

“All the world is set to make cakes, bread, biscuits at home with the kids!”, exclaims Marc Fortin, president of the canadian Council of retail trade (RCC).

The pandemic has affected the supply chains : the suppliers accustomed to selling to hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and schools have seen from one day to the next day their orders drop dramatically, ” he says.

And on the side of selling to consumers, we did not expect to such a request, ” says Mr. Fortin. “The inventories were not necessarily there to support the growth of demand”, especially when many have bought more than necessary at the beginning of the crisis, by fear of lack.

The chairman of the RCC, says that the situation is already beginning to return to normal. The suppliers adjust their production and their packaging, trying to adapt their production lines. For example, bags of 20 kg of flour are packaged in a smaller size to facilitate the sale to private individuals.

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