COVID-19 : the France approach the 20 000 people, 395 deaths in 24 hours

COVID-19 : la France approche les 20 000 morts, 395 décès en 24 heures

PARIS | The French did not return to “not immediately and probably not for a long time “their” life before ” the crisis of the sars coronavirus, has warned on Sunday of prime minister Edward Philip by outlining the principles of a déconfinement extremely progressive from the may 11, based on tests in massive, and the isolation of patients.

While the epidemic continues to decline in France, with 395 deaths in 24 hours, including 227 in the hospital is the lowest figure for the past four weeks — and 19 718 in total, but a number of in-patients and in resuscitation with the reflux, ” we mark the points “, but “we are not out of the health crisis,” said the prime minister.

“We’re going to have to learn to live with the virus “, has also repeated Mr Philippe, stressing that for the time being, the French population was far from being immune, that no treatment was recognized and that no vaccine was a priori expected until “mid-2021” at the earliest.

The daily lives of 67 million French citizens will continue to be upset: “it is not reasonable to imagine travel far abroad very soon,” said Mr. Philip, then, that the president of the scientific Council Jean-François Delfraissy, had warned that ” the weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, large family gatherings should be avoided in the coming months “.

Ordered by the president and Emmanuel Macron to present a plan to déconfinement before the end of April, Mr. Philippe drew up the main principles, alongside his minister of Health Olivier Véran. But he was not able to get into the details, while distrust of the French and the criticisms of the opposition are strong.

The patron saint of mps

The Republicans (right) Damien Abad has blasted on Twitter ” press conference “with zero ad, zero response and zero strategy déconfinement” “.

The president of the bring Together national (far-right) Marine Le Pen has called on the government to “speed up” and “catch up” to the time that he himself has lost.”

“What everyone understands on this night it is that the decision of may 11, has been taken by the President of the Republic without prior verification of the feasibility “, added the boss of the socialist Party, Olivier Faure.

Testing and isolation

Mr. Philippe insisted on the “three essential elements” to initiate the déconfinement.

Among them, the continuing adoption ” of gestures barriers “, such as social distancing, which will be accompanied by the widespread use of masks for the ” general public “. They will probably be made “mandatory” in public transport.

Anticipating a requirement, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has announced the distribution of charge in the pharmacies of the capital city of 500 000 masks fabric-washable at the end of April and more than $ 2 million during may.

It will also be necessary, ” test a lot and quickly “, added Mr Philippe. The government’s goal is to be able to perform 500,000 tests per week by the déconfinement, “if you are a carrier of symptoms […] or if you have been in close contact with a person who knows that she is sick,” said his side the minister of Health.

And if the test is positive, patients should be isolated, either at home, or in a dedicated place, such as hotels.

For the rest, Mr. Philippe remained cautious about the scenarios of the post-11-may, indicating, for example, that several assumptions were considered for the re-opening of schools, “by territory” or ” half class “.

The prime minister has also called for the continuation of the telework ” to the maximum extent possible “. For the shops, the queues must be organized to respect a minimum distance of one metre, with the provision of hydroalcoholic gel.

In addition, Mr. Veran announced the restoration “from” Monday in a “right to visit for families” in retirement homes, in conditions that are ” extremely limited “, and ” the institutions and persons who are in a situation of disability.

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