COVID-19: the gift of 1800 packets of wipes and equipment at the CHSLD

COVID-19: don de 1800 paquets de lingettes corporelles à des CHSLD

Packages of cleaning wipes for the body, manufactured in part in the Beauce region, will be distributed from Friday in CHSLD among the most affected by the COVID-19.

A common agreement Texel Technical Materials of Saint-Elzéar, Beauce, and Medline-Dufort Lavigne began on Friday the distribution of 1800 packets of cleaning wipes for the body of the tag ReadyBath.

“We are very proud to be able to help,” said Louis Bouffard, chief of the platform’s medical Texel Technical Materials that are part of the american group Lydall.


Louis Bouffard, chief platform medical Texel Technical Materials, holds in his hands a package of cleaning wipes for the body, which allows a washing of patients without the need to use bowls.


A package of ReadyBath provides eight wipes 20 cm X 20 cm to clean the different parts of the body.

According to the data of the company, the typical duration of a bath can be reduced by half with these wipes, while avoiding the risks of cross-contamination.

In the Beauce, Texel is present in Saint-Elzéar, and to Sainte-Marie. The company also has a factory in Sherbrooke.

“The wipes are produced in the Beauce. We are manufacturing the substrate in the form of rolls and are shipped in Medline, the United States, who come to wet the wipes with their solution without rinsing. They are then cutting and packaging for packs of eight wipes,” said Mr. Bouffard.

The business partnership between Texel and Medline extended back more than twenty years. In addition to the medical sector, Texel is present in different markets such as the automotive sector. Its products are marketed internationally.

According to Mr. Bouffard, the different partners have not hesitated to combine their efforts to make possible this gift of 1800 packets. Four of the six institutions which will receive this gift are located in the Montreal region, where there is a concentration of cases of COVID-19.

“We hope to make this product known and allow staff to save time and to quickly relieve the people who need it,” said Mr. Bouffard.

In the United States, these wipes are used in several hospitals, he says, but this product is less known in Quebec. The distribution of packets of wipes began Friday afternoon and will continue Monday.

“The goal of this initiative is to allow staff of the CHSLD, very experienced in this period of a pandemic, saving valuable time in the maintenance of personal hygiene of the residents,” he added of his side, Stéphane Tardif, regional director of sales from markets outside hospital Medline-Dufort Lavigne.

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