COVID-19 : the government and The States disagreed about the lifting of restrictions

COVID-19 : Le gouvernement et les États en désaccord sur la levée des restrictions

WASHINGTON | The administration of Donald Trump and the governors of the american States were battling it out on Sunday on the possibility of lifting restrictions put in place because of the outbreak of coronavirus, in a tense atmosphere further enhanced by the support of the president in demonstrations calling for the resumption of normal activity.

They referred in particular to the ball on the testing capacities of the COVID-19, the government is ensuring that the States have now fairly at their disposal, this that belie many of the governors.

“Even if we are now 150 000 tests per day, if the States were active all laboratories present in them, we could more than double this number from one day to the next,” said on Fox News the vice-chairman Mike Pence on Sunday, stating that the tests were “administered by the States but supported by the federal government”.

“There is a sufficient capacity of testing in the country today that any State can enter into the phase 1” of the re-opening of the economy, he added, in reference to the steps recommended to States by the White House to decide on the gradual lifting of the confinement on their territory.

This first stage provides the partial reopening of some businesses, on the condition that the authorities would be able to detect large-scale new cases of coronavirus in order to avoid a second wave of contamination.

But the democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has described as “delusional” and “irresponsible” the declarations of the government on the availability assumed in a sufficient number of these tests. “We were asked, as governors, to conduct this war without the equipment we need,” he said on CNN.

“I do whatever it takes for testing”, defended Donald Trump in a tweet later on Sunday. “The governors must be able to move at top speed and doing what it takes. We will be with them all along!” he assured.


“We could triple the number of tests that we carry out by day if we had the buffer (required for blood sampling, editor’s NOTE) and the reactive products are” necessary to the achievement of results, told CNN the governor Michigan democrat, Gretchen Whitmer, pointing as the other a shortage.

Michigan, where the most important event anti-containment of the country to this day took place Wednesday, is only the tenth State in the most populated, but the third in number of deaths from the coronavirus, she recalled, calling on Donald Trump to use a law allowing for the requisition of enterprises for the manufacture of the products missing.

The protests are also heard in the camp of the president, the governor, a republican moderate from Maryland, Larry Hogan, lamenting on CNN on Sunday that “the lack of testing (is) the number one problem in America, and this since the beginning of the crisis”.

“To say that the governors have enough tests, and that they should just get to work (…) is completely false,” he said.

The democratic governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, has also lamented on ABC’s “schizophrenia” of the messages sent by the federal government. “To have a president who encourages them to violate the law, I have never seen this in America. And that’s dangerous.”

Donald Trump had called Friday a “release” of the containment, the three States managed by the governors, democrats, Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. Saturday, of new protests calling for the end of the containment have taken place from New Hampshire to California, via Texas, Maryland or Ohio.

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