COVID-19: The grocery store during the pandemic

COVID-19: L’épicerie durant la pandémie

To do the grocery shopping in the time of a pandemic is a real headache. For my father 88 years old who is in isolation, it is even more complicated. In normal times, my father out of his home every Thursday to do her grocery shopping in the company of his girlfriend Sylvie.

At the grocery store and the pharmacy, so he knows all the people by name. It takes for news of their loved ones. He made jokes.

Beyond the essential service, it is entertainment important, a fun time that allows him to rub shoulders with people outside of his residence.

Old and heart, my father is one of the very vulnerable people in these times of pandemic. The virus could be fatal.

The sanitary measures taken by the government of Quebec could save her life.

Isolate with a smile

It therefore takes very seriously the recommendations and agrees that it isolate themselves by remaining in him, and this, with a smile.

He decided to listen to the message of the prime minister that he has seen on television, stop for dinner at the restaurant with her friends and go to the grocery store.

Stand-alone, however, he must continue to do to eat for food. As a family, we made a plan to protect it, as well as the other residents that he meets. This week, it was up to me to take over.

Moments away

For a few weeks, I will have to put the times, “father and son” away.

He must put aside his outings with his friends. Refrain from accolades that he so much loves.

We will briefly see, from a distance, when I will go to him to bring his “order”. We also speak on the phone.

It is for his own good and that of people close to him. There will always be doubts to his health, but we will have reduced to a minimum the risks that our father fell in battle.

1. Note the grocery list

19: the day before : on The phone, my father has described each product that it needs. Organic bananas, juice, cretons (pork, this is important), a huge brick of cheese OKA. My sister shared the list with me in an email.

2. Hygiene measures at the grocery store

12: 30 p.m. : I sanitizes hands with product available at the entrance. There is also a sink with soap. A committed disinfects all the baskets of grocery. “A clean one”, indicates to me there. I notice that the place is almost deserted and I note that there are almost more employees than customers. I was at the grocery store at the beginning of the crisis. It was pretty crazy and the shelves were empty. This time, the shelves are well-stocked.

3. Choose the products

12: 35 p.m. : I buy products packaged. At the age of 88, my father prefers organic products and quebec. Without him, it is more difficult to find in the aisles he likes. Where are the famous baked beans as he wants? “Those who are in the flat plastic”, he stated. I had to call her to the phone so that he could direct me to the right place. The counter deli is closed, like all the others require human manipulation. It is necessary to adapt.

4. Sanitary precautions at checkout

12: 45 p.m. : Each fund has of the disinfectant in plain view. It is used to wash the service counter. I pack myself the groceries in my bags and I use Paypass for not only the cashier touches my card. The people in the boxes are conservative. In the distance, I see a lady that uses her own Purell to disinfect the handle of his basket. At the exit, I wash my hands again in the sink from the grocery store.

5. I get to the residence

13 h : At the entrance of the residence, the rules are strict and well pasted prominently on the door. “Québec announced the cancellation of visits in residences for seniors”. At the reception, the door is barred and a person monitors all persons entering. Behind the glass, my father smiled. He is happy to see me.

6. To change our habits

13: 05 : Usually, I go to undo his order in his apartment. We would have talked about recent news on LCN and the season of misery in the Canadian. This time, my father is stuck behind the glass door, with his small cart. The bags are heavy and it needs to be able to carry himself, even in his apartment. One remains at a distance of one meter, and I put the items in his shopping cart. “It’s good to see you,” he said.

7. The start

13: 15 a.m. : I remind him of the importance of washing hands quickly, and wash his fruits and vegetables. “I am old, but I know what to do. I’ll even wash my bags,” sneers he. I am quickly back to work. A small 45 minutes of my time so that I can ensure the health of my father.

I followed the instructions of the public Health?

  • Deliver groceries to an elderly person or a person in a position of immunodeficiency only if you have no symptoms and do not return to travel for less than 14 days
  • Keep a distance with people, avoid direct contact and adhere to the rules of hygiene, the usual
  • From immediately after the delivery of the food or property to a member of the staff at the reception*

* I gave the bags to my father without contact. If possible, it is necessary to give the order to the person who is in the home.

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