COVID-19: the hospitals of London is facing a “tsunami continued” sick

COVID-19: les hôpitaux de Londres confrontés à un «tsunami continu» de malades

The public hospitals of London are facing a “tsunami continued” the sick bass of the novel coronavirus while in front offset a proportion “without precedent” of personal suffering, assured on Thursday, an official with the public health system of the uk.

After “massively” increased the capacity in the intensive care unit in recent weeks, the hospitals of the british capital face “an explosion” in the number of ” critically ill patients “, ” a kind of tsunami continued “, said Chris Hopson on BBC Radio 4.

This tension is accentuated by the fact that the proportion of nursing staff is absent for illness is “30 %, 40 %, and in some places even 50 %,” said Chris Hopson, who speaks of a rate of absence ” without precedent “.

According to the last balance sheet date aired Wednesday, 463 people have died of the new coronavirus in the United Kingdom and, officially, 9529 have been contaminated.

In response to the worsening seen in recent days, the government has imposed a containment general population and announced the opening next week of a campaign hospital 4000 beds in a conference centre in London.

According to the british media, about a dozen of these temporary structures could be implemented in the whole of the Uk.

The goal is to avoid a scenario in the Italian style, with hospitals overwhelmed, which can lead to an increase in mortality.

“We hope that maybe in three weeks, the measures will start to flatten the curve (the number of cases of contamination) “, has commented on the BBC Neil Ferguson, a scientist who advises the government on the virus.

To deal with the lack of respirators, the british authorities have ordered 10 000 from Dyson, announced on Thursday that this group known for its vacuum cleaners without a bag.

“This new device may be manufactured quickly, efficiently and in large quantities,” according to a press release from the group, who responded to the call of the executive to the manufacturers to convert their production, in a collective effort without precedent since the Second world War.

The kick-off of the manufacture will be given once the regulatory approvals have been obtained, according to Dyson.

According to the secretary of State for Health Edward Argar, who was interviewed on the BBC, the Uk currently has 8000 respirators.

On the economic front, after having already announced measures to an unprecedented level of support to businesses and employees affected, the minister of Finance Rishi Sunak must make available to the public on Thursday after-noon of measures to help the self-employed, hard-hit by the paralysis of the economy.

To participate in the fight against the spread of the epidemic, approximately 560,000 people have registered as volunteers with the national health service.

The British are also invited to applaud, Thursday at 20: 00 (local time), from their balconies, gardens, or no door, the nursing staff, as is already done in other countries.


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