COVID-19: the Lac-Saint-Jean spared

COVID-19: le Lac-Saint-Jean épargné

If the number of cases jumped every day in the Saguenay, Lac-Saint-Jean is spared for the moment.

On the 239 confirmed cases in the region of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, there are just a couple in the sub-region of Lac-Saint-Jean. There were no deaths, or home hatch for this territory, which has about 105 000 citizens.

The elect know they are lucky and they wish that the situation continues.

They begged the citizens to continue to comply with the measures of hygiene to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

“It proves that people respect the guidelines. It is important not to relax,” said Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe, mp bloquiste in Lac-Saint-Jean.

“We’re not immune to anything, but our geographical location makes it so that we are more advantaged. Our territory is much more vast,” commented Yannick Baillargeon, prefect of the MRC du Domaine-du-Roy.

In the MRC of Maria-Chapdelaine, the prefect Luc Simard wondered, however, whether the citizens of the 12 municipalities that it represents are sufficiently tested.

“We have had virtually no cases in our area. But we do not know the number of tests that have been carried out with our citizens. It can have an impact on the number of reported cases,” said Luc Simard.

He continues to argue that it is essential to establish a testing clinic in Dolbeau-Mistassini. Currently, people who experience symptoms should move to the cities of Roberval or Alma, which is a non-sense, according to the prefect.

“Dolbeau-Mistassini is the third-largest city in the region. It is not normal that people need to travel more than an hour to pass the screening test,” said Luc Simard.

The words of the mayor of Dolbeau-Mistassini, Pascal Cloutier, abound in the same direction.

“This is a situation is totally unacceptable. It takes us a testing clinic, and I the pounds since the beginning”, he said.

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