COVID-19: the mafia and the Hells lose millions

Eric Thibault

The mafia in montreal and the Hells Angels motorcycle club to lose millions of dollars since their underground network of sports betting is paralyzed by the COVID-19.

The gel of this major source of profits, caused by the suspension of matches in all major leagues of professional sports in the world, since the beginning of march due to the pandemic, hurt organized crime, quebec, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

“Without the money of paris, everything falls off, because there is more cash, which returned” to several mafiosi who used these funds to finance other criminal activities, according to our sources.

A half-dozen leaders of the bookmaking – betting and gambling online illegal –, traditionally led by the Rizzuto organization in Montreal would be affected.

One account in particular the ex-interim leader of the mafia in montreal, but still one of the leaders of the Rizzuto organization, Stefano Sollecito, according to our information.

The mafioso Stefano Sollecito in 2017.

Paying the same without hockey

While they were conducting the operation Colisée, the police officers of the royal Canadian mounted police had heard Sollecito complain that the lockout has forced the cancellation of the 2004-2005 season in the national hockey League (NHL) hurts a lot to the network of the paris of the Rizzuto.

But this network was not generated of the bets totalling$ 390 Million and a net profit of $ 26.8 million between December 2004 and November 2005, without an NHL game.

Pay its debts

Martin Robert, one of the most influential Hells Angels in Quebec, is also associated with this network in a business partnership between bikers and mafia, as they are often seen since.

Martin Robert is the Hells Angel who had celebrated his nuptials with great pomp in the city centre of Montreal, on December 1, 2018.

According to our sources, “all the world” who owed him money has recently been invited to pay his debt to him.

Sports betting and gambling online illegal activity “the most lucrative” organized crime traditional Italian in the country, according to a report produced last December by the criminal intelligence Service canada (CISC).

The mafia has tens of millions of dollars in annual profits that it reinvests then ” in other criminal activities such as the importation and trafficking of drugs “, one reads in the report.

Before the pandemic, the organized crime regarded as “risky” the market of sports betting and online gaming compared to other criminal markets, such as the importation of cocaine, according to the CRC.

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