COVID-19: the mask required is widespread in Germany

COVID-19: le masque obligatoire se généralise en Allemagne

BERLIN | The port of the mask to limit the spread of the coronavirus at the time of the déconfinement progressive will become mandatory as early as next week in a majority of regional States, German, including the capital.

The city of Berlin will impose from April 27 masks in public transport in the face of the epidemic, announced on Tuesday that mayor Michael Müller.

Wearing this mask will be ” mandatory “, as in transport “it is not possible to guarantee a distance of several meters between each person,” he justified.

Ten German States out of sixteen, with a total population of nearly 49 million people, have announced such obligations to limit the spread of the virus, and some of which are already in force.

The masks are obligatory in transit, and sometimes also in the shops.

Saxony (is) was the first region to have imposed as soon as Monday, the protections in the transportation and stores, when the first shops have reopened. In Bavaria (in the south), the largest German State in area, the mask will be compulsory from next week.

The most populous country, the Rhineland-of-North-Westphalia (west), remains for the time being, to “strongly recommend” the use of personal protective equipment. This is also the position of the federal government, federalism requires, may not impose by itself any such restrictions. But its position could change in the coming days.

With over 143, 000 cases officially recorded for about 4600 deaths, the pandemic is under control and manageable, ” in Germany, according to the words of the minister of Health, Jens Spahn.

“We are still far from being out of the woods “, however, has warned chancellor Angela Merkel, cautioned the population against a resurgence of the virus.

And the latest figures reflect a rise in risk as the population tends to less adhere to the instructions of distance or containment.

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