COVID-19: the mattress industry involved

COVID-19: the mattress industry involved

Mattress manufacturers have been called upon to play a pivotal role at the worst of the health crisis and have yet to work harder to meet strong demand.

A manufacturer in Saint-Narcisse, Mauricie, has obtained the mandate to supply private residences for the elderly with antibacterial mattresses.

By recalling staff during containment, the SME was able to deliver the mattresses designed for the risks of COVID-19.

“It is really at the level of the antibacterial fabrics (enveloping the mattresses) to facilitate the cleaning that they were looking for to contribute to the elimination of the virus”, explained Friday Philippe Pronovost of Matelas Avanti, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

As the opportunity offered by this type of product is likely to last for a long time, the company does not rule out possibly manufacturing it on a regular basis by creating a new medical division.

Zedbed, from Shawinigan, has not taken the turn of antibacterial mattresses, but has not lost anything. The SME is currently operating at 200% of its capacity simply to catch up with the delays in its order book and to cope with the very strong demand generated by customers who, for lack of being able to travel, have chosen to invest in their interior.

“Our employees collaborate very well. Moreover, we would like to thank them. We know that additional efforts are required of them, ”said Zedbed director David Gélinas.

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