COVID-19: The municipal employees ‘ fear of layoffs

With the extension of the containment, the blue-collar and white-collar workers fear that the cities conduct massive layoffs among their workforce.

“Not only many municipalities refuse to encourage telecommuting for those who could make and continue to serve the citizens, but it would seem that many other municipalities are about to make a mass layoff, especially with the announcement made by the prime minister Legault to extend the break initially scheduled for the 13 April until 4 may,” said by press release the president of the independent Federation des syndicats autonomes (FISA), which represents blue-collar employees and white-collar workers in several municipalities in Quebec, Réal Pleau.

Mr. Pleau complains that these layoffs are being done so that the Quebec government deploys measures to support the maintenance of the workers in the position.

The FISA is concerned that municipalities take advantage of the situation “to send their employees to the unemployment and leave the social programs to take care. Quebecers would necessarily losers paying twice, either through their municipal taxes and their taxes, what services they will not even have”.

FISA has asked the minister of municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest, recall the municipalities to order.

More details to come…

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