COVID-19: the NFL has established its protocols

COVID-19: la NFL a établi ses protocoles

The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has sent a paper of 40 pages to each team in his circuit where one finds the protocols regarding the COVID-19.

The text, which was prepared in partnership with the association of the players in the league, has not been made public. The daily newspaper USA Today has however discussed with an individual close to the matter that has brought out the big lines.

The person has indicated that an individual with a temperature of 37.7 °C or more can be present in the facilities of the team and will prevent its formation to undergo a screening test.

If a person feels the symptoms in the facilities, it should be isolated promptly in a room separate and then placed in quarantine in his home. A survey of contacts that an infected person has had with other people will then have to be carried out.

People who have had contact with a person found positive should be tested daily for eight consecutive days, and if the results are negative, they may find themselves in the facilities of their club.

A person who is declared positive shall not be permitted to return to the scene for 10 days and she does not have to have any symptoms for 72 hours to be re-admitted.

In addition, the document includes measures of educational hygiene for the training rooms and weight training, as well as rules relating to meetings and security requirements during the travel.

There is said, inter alia, that players and coaches must wear masks when they are on the inside.

The NFL and the players Association must finalise the details regarding the screening, testing during the days of match and the ways to take when an outbreak occurs on a team.

Training camps should be starting on the 28th of July, and the first two days would be reserved for medical tests.

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