COVID-19 : the novel coronavirus has not been created by the Man, according to american intelligence services

COVID-19 : le nouveau coronavirus n’a pas été créé par l’Homme, selon les services de renseignements américains

The us intelligence services announced Thursday have come to the conclusion that the novel coronavirus had not been created by Man or genetically modified, refuting and rumors that circulate widely in the United States.

“All of the intelligence services is constantly a critical support to political leaders and to those who struggle against the virus (causing the disease) Covid-19, who is from China,” said the directorate of national intelligence (DNI), in a press release.

“The intelligence services join the broad consensus of the scientific community to agree that the virus Covid-19 has not been created by Man or genetically modified,” adds the press release.

“The intelligence community will continue to explore with rigor the data and information that emerge, to determine if the epidemic started through contact with infected animals or if it was the result of a laboratory accident in Wuhan “, the chinese city where the pandemic, ” concludes the press release.

This rare public declaration of u.s. intelligence comes after president Donald Trump has not ruled out claiming compensation to Beijing for the outbreak of coronavirus.

According to the american media, Mr. Trump tasked the intelligence services to discover the origin of the virus, attributed initially to a market of Wuhan, before that a research laboratory in the city was suspected.

“We are unhappy with China “, the disease ” could have been stopped at source and would not spread throughout the whole world “, said recently the us president during a press conference dedicated to the pandemic.

“There are many ways of engaging its responsibility, we are conducting a very serious investigation” on this subject, has added Donald Trump.

According to a recent survey conducted by the centre Pew Research, 29 % of Americans think that the coronavirus has been created in a laboratory, either intentionally (23 %) or accidentally (6 %).

Trump binding of the coronavirus to a chinese laboratory, the threat of taxing Beijing

Donald Trump said Thursday to consider punitive taxes against China after seeing elements of him to suggest that the new coronavirus is from a chinese laboratory in Wuhan, recently pointed the finger for its lack of transparency.

“Yes,” he replied to a journalist at the White House, who asked him: “Have you seen so far of things that allow you to seriously believe that the Institute of virology, Wuhan is at the origin” of the pandemic?

“This is something that would have been able to be content in the place of origin and I think that it could be contained very easily,” he said.

The american president, who has not specified what were the evidence, and added that it could accordingly impose on China “customs taxes” punitive.

When asked about the possibility that the United States do not repay their debt to China in retaliation, Mr Trump said: “I can do otherwise. I can do the same thing, but in a different way by imposing customs duty “, as it has already been done during the trade conflict that has opposed to Beijing.

Donald Trump is often taken to China since the beginning of the epidemic, which has significantly weakened the u.s. economy, whose good health was one of the main arguments of the campaign of the billionaire republican candidate for re-election in November.

He accused regularly as well the China to lie on the human toll of the epidemic, while his country has more than 62 000 deaths officially linked to the Covid-19.

He has also spoken recently of the possibility of a request to Beijing to pay billions of dollars in reparations for the damage caused by the new coronavirus.


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