COVID-19: the party of too much in a CHSLD in Quebec city?

COVID-19: le party de trop dans un CHSLD de Québec?

Three days before the outbreak of COVID-19 at the general Hospital of Quebec, employees have transported the residents to the exterior of the building, against the containment measures, to participate in a small celebration.

On may 7, employees of the general Hospital of Quebec (HGQ) have wanted that a few users get to enjoy a small feast organized by volunteers in front of the accommodation centre.

The thermometer showed fifteen degrees Celsius in Quebec city. One of the first beautiful days of spring.

Despite the ban on visits, and the strict rules of containment and sanitation services in the CHSLD, a twenty people gathered in front of the building, including more than a dozen vulnerable residents.

In a video obtained by our Bureau of investigation, one can see residents in wheelchairs, accompanied by the staff that beats to the rhythm of a song in The Company creole.

The staff has brought together users to the outside to take advantage of the show and the beautiful weather.

Three days later, an outbreak of cases of COVID-19 appears in the institution.

Since then, 14 users have been infected as well as two employees, for a total of 16 cases.

It is one of the few new places of outbreak of the COVID-19 in a CHSLD in the region of Quebec. Staff members are worried, especially because the building has 259 beds in total.

With the measures

The spokesperson for the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale, Vincent Lamontagne, admits that this initiative went against the containment measures put in place, even if the gesture was initially well-intentioned.

The body said to emphasize the importance of rigorous compliance with the containment, prevention and control of infections in place to ensure the safety of all its users and employees.

For reasons of so-called privacy, the CIUSSS refuses to state if individuals who attended this event outside have been reported as positive to the COVID-19.

“We believe that it would be imprudent to make a link between the outbreak in the course and conduct of this activity,” said Mr. Lamontagne.

Single institution

For some time, the Productions Rayn The Art of Rhythm, in partnership with the Foundation for the elderly, and social innovation, have decided to visit the accommodation centres of the Quebec city area with a mobile disco outside. The goal is to break the isolation and bring happiness to health workers and to the residents confined.

Everywhere, the rules of containment are followed to the letter by the institutions, we did one shown.

Jonathan Renaud, which produces the free event in front of the accommodation centres, ensures that it is the only place where users were outside when they arrived.

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