COVID-19: the police in Thetford Mines wants to reassure the population

COVID-19: la police de Thetford Mines veut rassurer la population

Police officers in Thetford Mines feature since last Thursday a sticky rainbow in the windows of their self-patrols to give the people hope.

The word order of the police de Thetford Mines is to raise the awareness of citizens to follow the required measures in time of crisis COVID-19, while a growing number of calls for the denunciation of the non-compliance of these rules are made every day.

Thus, they have decided to see the slogan now-famous “It’s going to go well” next to a drawing of a rainbow created by a police officer of the sûreté municipale.

“[This sticky] will symbolize both our need to comply with the government guidelines and the understanding of our agents to the challenges that citizens face,” said the deputy director, Serge Morin

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