COVID-19: The president Trump made a call to A-Rod

COVID-19: Le président Trump fait appel à A-Rod

The president of the United States Donald Trump would have sought the advice of the former player in major league baseball Alex Rodriguez and his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, regarding the pandemic of COVID-19.

According to ABC News, Trump will be informed by phone from the couple earlier this week, in order to know the reactions by the management of the crisis by his government.

The call has been described as “pleasant” and neither Rodriguez nor Lopez have not received official request to join the fight of Trump against the coronavirus.

Even if the american president is a big fan of the New York Yankees, a team with which Rodriguez has been a success, many wonder about the reason for the choice of the ex-athlete in 44 years.

The strangest thing about this whole situation, is that the man of business and A-Rod are not always very well heard in the past, the first openly criticize the champion of the world Series in 2009 to shots of tweets. In June 2013, Trump had told Rodriguez that he had disgraced New York after having confessed to using steroids in 2009.

In 2012, Trump had also mentioned on Twitter that the staff of the Trump Tower in New York do not appreciate A-Rod.

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