COVID-19: the RTC will reduce its service from Monday

COVID-19: le RTC réduira son service à partir de lundi

The réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), which recorded a decrease of 80 % of its goodwill, will reduce its regular service and focus on its main route Metrobus from Monday 30 march.

Also, on the 1000 drivers Network, approximately 30 % (300) will have to remain in confinement in the house and be available on a daily basis for possible replacements.

They will be paid during this period of time according to their “base salary” which does not include either bonuses or extra time. In normal times, there are usually 60 to 70 employees who expect daily temporary assignments.

No layoffs are planned for the regular employees, or in the 70 temporary employees who will continue to work on-call.

As of Monday, the service of the RTC will be the one that corresponds to a day of Saturday with a few bonuses. Reductions and cancellations will be recorded on a variety of routes (see below for details). The frequency of Metrobus 800, 801 and 807 will remain, with some exceptions, one being during a usual week.

The level of service will correspond to 70 % of the regular level. The RTC will provide approximately 3000 daily departures against 4300 in normal times. “It is the most balanced considered adequate service on the whole territory,” said Rémy Normand, president of the réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), Thursday, during a press call.

The latter does not exclude that the services of the PSTN undergo further declines if the crisis of the COVID-19 was to last longer.

These days, the RTC registers 30 000 trips per day, on average, compared with 150 000 in normal times. According to Mr. Norman, it is still too early to accurately measure the financial losses suffered by the carrier.

Number of passengers

Meters optics that are installed in the rear doors of the vehicles, the RTC wants to count the precise number of people that are at the edge of the bus.

If we judge that certain routes are too many passengers, we promise to rectify this quickly. Buses will be added on some routes and at certain times of the day.

To comply with the instructions of social distancing, the RTC does not want there to be more than 35 passengers in its articulated buses, not more than 25 people in the regular bus and not more than 15 users in the Midibus.

Overview of the service reduces in effect as of Monday, march 30,

• Frequency equivalent to those of the week on the Metrobus 800, 801 and 807

• Minimum of 2 return trips on all routes eXpress 200

• Minimum of 1 round-trip on all routes eXpress 500

• eXpress 300 cancelled with the exception of a return trip on the journey eXpress 315 (CHUL), 331, and 354 (IUCPQ)

• Hospital centres are served

• Reduced Service for most of the course leBus

• Some departures kept on the route serving the industrial parks

• Course-schools cancelled

• Couche-tard cancelled

Source: public transport Network of the Capital