COVID-19 : the seniors in residence Eva come out in spite of the security

COVID-19 : des aînés de la résidence Eva sortent malgré la sécurité

The prohibition of exit of the seniors cause headaches to owners of private residences, and some have to hire security personnel to enforce the government’s directive.

At the residence of Eva, at Lavaltrie, three security guards (two on the day, a night) have been hired, has confirmed this morning the direction by e-mail.

First outbreak of outbreak

This private residence became the first home of an outbreak of coronavirus in Quebec. As of yesterday, 29 people were infected and four deaths have been confirmed.

On Monday, three residents of Eva were spotted at the pharmacy and at the counter of the city, despite the isolation of the building. This has caused concern within the population.

“A residence, that is as the society. There are all kinds of people. (…) And there are always people who will try to thwart the guidelines, said Yves Desjardins, president and director general of the regroupement québécois des résidences privées (RQRA). Some misunderstand the gravity of the situation. “

According to the RQRA, residences have hired security officers to the external doors to comply with the instruction never to come out again, as required by the government.

To date, outbreaks of the outbreak of the covid-19 struck three homes.

“You have to stop it. It is necessary to limit the number of residences of elderly people infected, ” said prime minister François Legault, this afternoon.

Measures variables

Moreover, the measures of social distancing in the residences are highly variable, admits the RQRA. Some branches have closed the cafeterias and game rooms.

To the Cogir management corporation which manages 50 private residences, we do not believe that the hiring of security officers will be necessary.

“We think that people will still cooperate, said Frédéric Soucy, president. Yes, there are ” tanning “, as they say, we are going to work with them. “

Remember that these isolation measures are intended to protect the elderly who are most at risk of complications.

“I think it’s dramatic from a human point of view,” says Dr. Karl Weiss, president of the association of medical microbiologists, infectious disease physicians of Quebec. It is not necessary that there is a Trojan horse. If one isolates them completely, and that person is not, people are going to get through it as best as possible. “

There are 1750 private residences for seniors in Quebec, some of which have more than 1000 units.

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