COVID-19: the situation will worsen, according to the physician-in-chief of the NHL

COVID-19: la situation va s’aggraver, selon le médecin en chef de la LNH

The voice of the chief physician of the national hockey League (NHL), Willem Meeuwisse was added Wednesday to those of many other experts saying that it is difficult to predict how the pandemic COVID-19.

Meeuwisse, however, is sure of one thing: the pandemic “between just in the phase of rapid acceleration,” and the situation “will get worse before they get better”.

Thus, it is virtually impossible for the moment to predict when the NHL will be able to resume his activities, even when the players can resume training, according to the words of the doctor were reported by the official website of the circuit Bettman.

“The specific circumstances of a return will of course depend on the trend that will take the disease and the risks at the time chosen, said Meeuwisse. This is one of the difficulties. Things are changing every day and the directives of the authorities also change.”

“We’re going to want to ensure that players and members of the teams are themselves in health, that they are not contagious and bring them back together, even in a small group, will not increase the risk of contraction or transmission of the disease.”

The right decision

In this sense, the early decision by the NHL to interrupt the season on march 12, has prevented rapid spread of the virus in the environment of the teams. The situation could have been a problem, since two players of the Ottawa Senators were declared positive for the disease.

“We have a pretty good idea now, because we are almost at two weeks [off], the probability that the [players] have been infected before this period is quite low. That doesn’t mean they can’t be exposed now and I expect as this disease progresses and that we’ll see more tests with the players.”