COVID-19: the SPVQ stop a dozen rallies in Quebec city

COVID-19: le SPVQ fait cesser une dizaine de rassemblements à Québec

Less than 24 hours after their prohibition, the police Department of the City of Quebec (SPVQ) has already dispersed a dozen rallies, in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

The SPVQ confirm to be intervened in “gatherings of citizens who were against the government measures taken by decree”, following denunciations of the public.

In the majority of cases, “the intervention went well” and the people arrested have worked, said the spokesperson Étienne Doyon.

In one case, however, an individual “demonstrated a total lack of cooperation”. He probably received a statement of offence.

The SPVQ has indicated that it will adhere to the decree of the government, and that he would continue to intervene when necessary.


Under this decree, all gatherings indoor or outdoor use is prohibited in Québec, except in certain specific circumstances, to limit the spread of the COVID-19.

Gatherings such as parties balcony, crowding in the parks, barbecues in the backyard, the customers of a coffee shop sitting side-by-side or family celebrations, are not permitted.

However, the regulation does not apply to members of the same private residence, places of work, means of transportation as well as businesses that are not within the scope of a decree.

The decision was taken by the Council of ministers on Friday, but was only communicated on Saturday evening. It is valid until the 29th of march.

In the case of gatherings outside, they will be allowed “where a minimum distance of two metres is maintained between all people, except people who live in the same private residence”.

One more tool

To the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, free the police to enforce the order of Québec in accordance with their best judgment.

“It is one more tool that we give to our police officers can intervene in the rare cases where individuals do not adhere to the guidelines of the public health,” she said, specifying that the purpose of government is to curb the spread of the virus and protect citizens.

Thus, the minister believes that it is essential that the population adheres to the exceptional measures put in place during the crisis.

Finally, Ms. Guilbault ensures that the public health follow-up with individuals who have been reported as positive to the COVID-19. In case of doubt, the public can also report a case of non-observance of the instructions of the authorities.

— With the collaboration of TVA Nouvelles


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