COVID-19 : the sugar shacks innovate in order to survive

COVID-19 : les cabanes à sucre innovent pour survivre

Many sugar shacks are now offering a delivery service, to try to survive after that Quebec has ordered the closure of their dining rooms because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The owner of sugar shack At Ti’s Father in Drummondville, Keaven Audet, has delivered 21 meals at the sugar shack Wednesday, noon, first experience since it acquired the cabin seven years ago.

“Yes, it is to keep the company alive, but it is also to give my employees the chance to continue to work. To the extent possible, in the least, ” he says.

For the moment, he has not found other solutions to try to recover some of the losses of its two dining rooms to 699 and 99 places, which shall remain closed during the maple sugar season, under the orders of the government which limit the rallies.

The meals sugars account for about half of its annual turnover, the rest being attributable to the events during the other months of the year. It has a hundred taps to the boiler, but is no syrup to be marketed.

Several huts

Many sugar shacks in Quebec’s different regions offer delivery this year to try to save the furniture, according to the president of the Producers of maple syrup in Quebec, Serge Beaulieu.

“If these companies are not assisted, they will not be open next year, it’s going up there,” he says.

The sugar shacks whose business model is based on the production of syrup, rather than on the meal will get might be better, but still it would be necessary that clients are waiting for you. It is too early to say, according to mr. Beaulieu, that the maple sugar season is primed for a dozen days on the western part of Quebec.

He said that 75 % of the 130 million pounds of maple syrup produced in Quebec each year are intended for the international market, also proven by the crisis of the covid-19.

Gifts of the heart

Other sugar shacks have chosen other options for delivery.

Marc Besner, of the sugar shack and delicatessen of the same name, in Coteau-du-Lac, in Montérégie, agrees that the delivery may be an option for some, but not for him.

Instead, he decided to give the food he was going to lose to a few charities. He disposed of the equivalent of 2,000 meals in the last few days. Ham, baked beans, eggs, milk, bread.

He has made a particular donation to a home for women in difficulty.

“The children of the mothers who were there have written a letter. They have written to me : “Thank you Mr. Besner, we love you a lot” I speak and I’m excited. I have done a good action, ” he says, voice full of emotions.

Meals delivered with care

Simon Dessureault

The delivery of meals to sugar shacks must be vigilant in times of coronavirus because their clientele is often older and vulnerable.

Samuel Maheux, man for the sugar shack The aKabane in Saint-Esprit, in Lanaudière, has begun the experience of delivery at the sugar shack last Saturday.

His first four clients were living in a seniors ‘ residence in Terrebonne, then The Log has to be accompanied during the day.

“He must be very careful, if you walk in there with the virus, the consequences can be catastrophic, said the man, 27-year-old who has her disinfectant product and its box of disposable gloves in his truck. I change gloves after each client. “


Louise Cadieux, the resident, who has welcomed Samuel on the ground floor, wearing his mask and his gloves upon the arrival of the deliveryman.

“It must be an old person once that goes down, it is not necessary that they intersect “, has also added Samuel Maheux.

The delivery man also delivered meals to three young families in Repentigny and Charlemagne.

“This is a super great initiative, it makes us live the time of sugars in another way “, noted Marie-Josée Meloche, who has received his delivery from the hands of Samuel.

Older people represent an important part of the customer because the line dance is very popular and that there are often evenings of the FADOQ to the hut, according to Frédéric Payment, one of the owners.

“They are tethered to the hut, so it comforts them to deliver because they are confined and that grind just black “, he said.

“This is the first time in my life that I do deliver of the sugar shack, for its part, added Louise Cadieux. If you can’t get there, we will get it delivered. “

A balm

The sugar shack prefer not to disclose the amount of deliveries, because it can be very variable, and that the experience is preliminary.

“This is not a miracle cure and it is sure that you will not make as much money as in the time of sugars usual, said the driver, while The aKabane home to approximately 20 000 people per year. But it creates a new profession, it does not exist of the delivery of sugar shacks in normal times.”

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