COVID-19: The trade union leaders in Lévis show understanding

COVID-19: Les chefs syndicaux à Lévis se montrent compréhensifs

Despite the decision of the City of Lévis laying off 353 temporary employees or seasonal workers for at least three weeks, union leaders, blue collar and white collar workers were understanding.

It is that two trade union leaders have informed the Journalon Wednesday, the day after the decision taken by the municipality.

“We speak mostly of subordinates who were in charge of the sports facilities in schools. But there are more activities. The need is no longer there. The City has no choice. We have not been able to find another job. We really searched for solutions, but we didn’t,” said Gérard Poirier, president of the union of blue-collar workers.

The latter insisted on the “excellent relationship” with the City and the help that is currently provided by the administration Lehouillier to accelerate the process of access to employment insurance. “The records of employment will be forwarded by the City electronically to Service Canada. Hopefully that will avoid the time”, he stated.

Mr. Poirier says he does not have fears of loss of employment for other members of the union. “COVID-19 or not, it must be that our public Works staff close up the holes in the streets,” he illustrated.

The collective agreement for blue-collar workers has expired on December 31, 2019. Negotiations for its renewal have been suspended because of the pandemic.

White collar

Among white-collar workers and professionals, the union president Isabelle Emond indicated that the decline in employment was approximately 120 temporary employees in the sector aquatic (lifeguards and instructors) as well as a few employees of libraries.

“We understand the decision of the City, she assured. They have no work to give them.”

Ms. Émond has also praised the efforts of the municipality in the area of telework. “The employer has shown a lot of openness and flexibility regarding hours of work, for example. Almost all of our members who may be telecommuting are”, she added.

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