COVID-19: The uniforms will be provided to nurses

COVID-19: Les uniformes seront fournis aux infirmières

The nurses at the bedside of patients with the Covid19 will be entitled to uniforms supplied and laundered by the hospitals to avoid the spread of the virus in their homes.

Several nurses were concerned about contaminating their families in relation to this and washing their uniforms at home. Citizens were also concerned at the sight of a nurse in uniform outside the hospital.

This measure will apply as a state health emergency will be in effect.

The Federation of nurses of Quebec (FIQ) has agreed with the government during negotiations last night.

“We just have, we had a few wins at the table [of negotiations] compared to this,” stresses the vice-president.

The agreement also states that nurses shall receive the necessary protective equipment, but also that pregnant women or immunocompromised to be removed from the first line.

The facilities provided and washed already uniform according to sectors of activities, such as for the operating theatre. In other departments such as the emergency department or the intensive care, the policies varied according to the quebec hospitals.

“Our request was to standardize everything,” explained the Newspaper the vice-president of the FIQ Linda Lapointe.

“As the operating roll in a very narrow manner […] possibly that the employer will be able to use these uniforms for those who are in link with the patients who are COVID positive or at risk,” she said.

Also Possible that the government will order massive a uniform, ” she adds.

Negotiation not ” on break “

The FIQ has entered into an agreement with the government on the subject of uniforms, but continues to talk about other issues, including an additional remuneration for the health workers in the context of the current crisis.

But the pandemic is not the only topic discussed at the bargaining table.

This fall, the government Legault had actually begun negotiations with the trade unions of the public service, including health workers, in order to renew the collective agreements which are coming to an end at the end of the month.

“We asked the government to negotiate measures related to the COVID,” says Ms. Lapointe. But the government did not want a table right on the COVID… we were willing to suspend the rest of the negotiations.”

And since last Sunday, in the midst of a pandemic, the union negotiates day and night, all collective agreements of their members with the government

“It is a package, or one rule, or it does nothing… Everything is on the table, this is not our choice, but we had to board the train,” continues the vice-president. They do not leave us not leave with the package COVID if there is no consensus as to the rest. The condition is that we all agree on everything.”

The prime minister Legault, however, said Thursday that the protection of the staff of the health was not an issue of negotiations.

“Our guardian angels are on the front line in this pandemic time period, and it is necessary to ensure their health and safety. That said, we have discussions with the trade unions for the renewal of the collective agreements, but it is an issue treated separately. We will not deal in the public square,” said her tied Ewan Saved, by e-mail.

Asked to clarify, Mr Bounds added : “We will not compromise for the safety and health of health care personnel. Especially in the context of a pandemic. It is non-negotiable. Now, actually, we have discussions on many issues, but we would not comment on the public square. What is certain, it is that we want to give our guardians the tools they need to meet the challenges of the next few weeks.”

The blitz of negotiation continues until Sunday.


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