COVID-19 : the United States could reach 100,000 new cases per day, without intervention

COVID-19 : les États-Unis pourraient atteindre 100 000 nouveaux cas par jour sans intervention

40 000 new cases detected per day, the United States could rise to 100 000 less than new interventions to curb the pandemic COVID-19, warned Tuesday Anthony Fauci, director of the american Institute of infectious diseases.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach 100,000 per day if we do not reverse the trend,” he said during a hearing in the u.s. Senate.

The United States are still working with the WHO

Despite the decision of Donald Trump to cut the bridges with the world health Organization (WHO), the United States continues to work day to day with her, said Tuesday a top official of health.

“I have not been reminded, I have not received any statement for that I withdraw,” said Brett Giroir, assistant secretary of Health, and member of the executive board of the WHO.

“Anyway there will probably be another executive board in October, I believe that we all continue to work with the WHO as a member of the WHO, in relation to the standards of public health,” he added.

Brett Giroir said that the Americans had, for example, participated in a meeting on sickle cell disease two days ago.

“Is this that we will remain a member, is that I will go to the executive council, I have not yet received a statement “, he said.

On the 29th of may, Donald Trump said : “Because they have failed to make the necessary reforms and requirements, we will put an end today to our relationship with the world Health Organization and redirect these funds to other needs and urgent public health world who deserve it “.

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