COVID-19: the United States is preparing for a July 4 holiday under restrictions

COVID-19: les États-Unis se préparent à une fête du 4 juillet sous restrictions

Beaches closed in Florida and California, where the return of the restrictions is announced: the United States prepared on Wednesday to live up to a long weekend of national holiday, upset by the rebound of the epidemic of coronavirus as the authorities admit that they don’t totally control.

The festivities of July 4, marked by family reunions, or large gatherings to witness the fireworks, comes a surge of the pandemic COVID-19 in several regions of the country, forcing some States to take a pause in the process of déconfinement.

In the Face of the outbreak of new cases, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom must announce on Wednesday the return of certain restrictions and the strengthening of sanitary measures.

“For us, the context is the following: if you do not stay at home and if you don’t wear a mask in public, we must apply the law and we’ll do it “, he warned on Tuesday.

He said he was particularly worried about the great family gatherings where the guests “let their guard down,” leaving off the masks.

In the Los Angeles area, the local authorities have ordered the closure of the beaches for the weekend, and the county of San Diego has introduced a curfew for bars and restaurants.

“Worse and worse”

Some of the Florida beaches, where the tourist season is in full swing, have also been closed to try to curb this new pic of contamination, and municipalities have strengthened health protection measures. In the county of Miami-Dade, volunteers are going door-to-door to distribute masks, gloves and gel hydro-alcoholic in repeating to the inhabitants the importance of gestures barriers.

The city of Miami Beach has made it mandatory for wearing a mask in public, under penalty of a fine of 50 dollars. In Miami, the authorities decided Tuesday to close for 30 days the shops that do not comply with the health measures.

Same observation to New York, where the city’s mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that the restaurant could re-open their rooms, as expected in the municipal strategy for déconfinement.

“We are all concerned to see that eating inside a restaurant is becoming a problem,” he explained during a point-release.

“Even last week, I had a hope, but the information that come from all over the country are worse “, explained the mayor, a democrat.

He has said he would work with the authorities of the State to determine a re-opening date in any security.

The State of New York, which was long the epicenter of the us epidemic, and where these flows for several weeks, has also put in place stringent measures to protect themselves by ordering a quarantine of visitors from 16 States, nearly half of the american population.

Shows surprise

The focus is also on large gatherings to attend national day celebrations.

On July 3, the president, Donald Trump plans to attend with his wife Melania Trump fireworks at Mt Rushmore, touristy place in South Dakota, where the heads of former presidents have been carved in granite.

In Florida, most of the events planned for the celebration of independence day have been cancelled. For those who remain organised, the authorities have asked the spectators to attend from their car.

In New York, the largest department store chain macy’s has announced the “surprise” of several pyrotechnic shows of five minutes during the entire week, to avoid crowds of spectators.

“Each event will be short and will be completed before the inhabitants can gather at its source,” said macy’s in a press release.

With 1199 additional deaths to the novel coronavirus in 24 hours, the balance sheet daily in the United States is on the rise again Tuesday, according to the Johns Hopkins university. The number of daily deaths remained below 1000 since 10 June.

More than 127 000 people died of COVID-19 on american soil, the country’s most grief-stricken in the world in absolute value.

The country has also for several days more than 40 000 new infections daily of the COVID-19.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a prominent member of the crisis cell’s presidential on the coronavirus, has acknowledged on Tuesday that the health authorities had “no full control” on the pandemic.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach 100 000 new cases, editor’s note) by day if we do not reverse the trend,” he added in front of the senators.

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