COVID-19: the us State of Maryland order 500 000 tests in South Korea

COVID-19: l’État américain du Maryland commande 500 000 tests à la Corée du Sud


WASHINGTON, dc | Maryland was purchased in South Korea 500 000 screening tests for the novel coronavirus, a mégacommande “that changes everything” in the struggle of this american State against the Covid-19, announced on Monday the governor-Larry Hogan.

This command with the laboratory LabGenomics, in the amount of $ 9 million, will allow to multiply the capacity of the tests “exponentially,” he said.

“This puts us in a very good position (which) will allow us to identify those who are sick and those who have the virus, it will help us to isolate them,” added the governor during a press conference in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland.

Up here, nearly 71 400 tests were carried out (13 684 positive) in this State of 6 million inhabitants in the north of the capital, Washington, dc, and 516 deaths from the disease.

The peak of the contamination has not yet been reached, according to the governor.

The shipment arrived Saturday aboard a plane from Korean Airlines to the airport of Baltimore, in the framework of an operation called “Friendship unchanging” launched at the end of march, ” added Mr. Hogan.

The republican governor has negotiated, among others, the “request” personally with the officials from south korea through his wife, Yumi, from Korean origin.

Mr. Hogan, like many governors of States in the u.s. complain about the lack of tests to perform a screening campaign scope to the new coronavirus, despite the assurances of the federal government according to which the States have now fairly.

“The lack of tests is the number one problem in America, and this since the beginning of the crisis,” he said Sunday on CNN. “To say that the governors have enough tests, and that they should just get to work […] is completely wrong “.

The administration of Donald Trump and the governors face off also on the possibility of lifting restrictions put in place because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

While the president advocates a quick restart of economic activities, the local leaders, such as Larry Hogan fear a stimulus too early, which would cause a second wave of infections in the United States, the most affected country by number of cases and deaths (over 40,000).

Mr. Hogan indicated that he would reveal this week its plan to re-open the economy.

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