COVID-19 : the waiting to get tested in Montreal is “unacceptable,” says Legault

COVID-19 : l’attente pour se faire tester à Montréal est «inacceptable», martèle Legault

Elsa Iskander

Queues of several hours to get tested for the COVID-19 in Montreal are “unacceptable”, hammered François Legault, Wednesday, promising that the offer of services of public health will be reviewed.

“It was an offer of service, which should be able to take easily, without too much waiting, 16 000 customers per day. However, there are about 10 000 customers per day, and there are long waits”, stressed the prime minister at a press conference in Rivière-du-Loup where he continued his tour of the regions.

Queues monsters are created in front of the screening centres of the COVID-19 without an appointment in Montreal in the last days after the public health has been given as set point to the people who visited a bar since the 1st of July to go and get tested.

According to the prime minister, it is necessary to better allocate the resources of the public health, since it has a testing capacity sufficient to meet the demand.

The prime minister has also said to have expressed his exasperation to the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, who is in charge of the review of the provision of services.

The mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante is also expected that the resources are in place to reduce queues.

The City may make places available to take the test, but the nursing staff reports to the provincial, she recalled Wednesday in a press briefing.

“As mayor, but also as a citizen, I expect that, when there is a call made by the Directorate of public health as what it is necessary to mass screening, it is necessary that he go resources,” said Mrs Plant saying that he was however glad that the citizens are responding massively to the call.

Wearing a mask

In addition, Ms. Plant has warned that a relaxation in the transport sector, where the mask is mandatory since 13 July, even if a period of grace exists until 27 July.

“I expect, I hope, and I want the Montreal, Montreal and the people of the greater metropolitan community to hear the message that it is necessary to wear the mask and that otherwise, there will be fines,” insisted Valerie Plant.

The “24 Hours” reported recently that dozens of hand sanitizer dispensers were not functional in the subway. For the mayor, it is “absolutely necessary” that they should be available and filled. “The cleaning also, buses or subways, should continue: no question of guard down there.”

  • Until Wednesday, there were only three clinics without an appointment in Montreal, one in downtown, one in the east of the island and one in Montreal-North.
  • New clinics will open their doors as early as Thursday, including the McGill university health Centre, the jewish general Hospital, Beaconsfield and Outremont. The complete list of clinics, their address and their opening hours are on the website

– With Camille Dauphinais-Pelletier, 24 Hours


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