COVID-19: these places where the authorities reconfinent

COVID-19: ces endroits où les autorités reconfinent

In the Face of a rebound of infection by the coronavirus, the authorities have decided in many countries the re-introduction of containment measures, more often localized, as in Tangier or Manila Monday.

Overview, not exhaustive, of reconfinements and hardening of the restrictions in this course:


SPAIN: the authorities of the region of Catalonia, in the north-east of Spain were ordered on Sunday the reconfinement to their homes of the inhabitants of the area around the city of Lleida. The city court has, however, suspended the measure on Monday. This area, with more than 200 000 inhabitants, had already been isolated from the rest of Catalonia last Saturday.

PORTUGAL: In the region of Lisbon, new containment at home since the 1st of July for 700 000 inhabitants of a score of neighborhoods, for at least two weeks.

GREAT BRITAIN: On 29 June, the government announced a tightening of the containment in Leicester. Still in progress, it provides, in particular, the closure of stores non-essential.


PHILIPPINES: Six weeks after the end of the containment, approximately 250 000 residents of metro Manila will again be confined at home for two weeks in the coming days, said on Monday an official representative.

AZERBAIJAN: Reconfinement strict from 22 June until 1 August.

UZBEKISTAN: New containment since 10 July. Restaurants, sports halls, swimming pools and shops non-food are closed until the 1st of August.


ARGENTINA: Measures of containment hardened in Buenos Aires and its outskirts from the 1st to the 17th of July.

COLOMBIA: Bogota, the main focus of the pandemic in Colombia, will increase from Monday, containment of the population, with “quarantines strict” areas. Some 2.5 million people remain at home in turn.

GUYANA: In this French territory of 300 000 inhabitants in South America, measures of reconfinement targeted to certain neighborhoods or of certain municipalities have been put in place since June and a curfew is in force.


ALGERIA: The authorities have ordered the 9 July the reconfinement of two communes of the wilaya (prefecture) of El Kala, the border of Tunisia, 10 common of Tipasa (north) and the containment of all the communes of the wilaya of Ouargla (south). These measures occur two days after a similar decision about 18 communes of the wilaya of Sétif (east).

MOROCCO: The city of Tangier, the metropolis of approximately one million inhabitants in the north of Morocco, is reconfinée since Monday.

MADAGASCAR : Two months after his déconfinement, Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city, was again placed in confinement. The region of Analamanga (part of which is the capital city), is closed to all traffic until 20 July. Only one person per household has the right to go out in the street from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., compared to 17 h earlier.

SOUTH AFRICA: A curfew from 21 h to 4 h is again in force in the country from this Monday.

Middle East

West bank: The palestinian Authority has extended the Sunday closure of the occupied west bank decided on July 3, adding the implementation of a curfew.

ISRAEL: new restrictions came into force on 7 July, such as the closure of bars and sports halls or to the limitation of the number of people in public places. Some cities and neighborhoods across the country regarded as foci of infection are the subject of measures of restrictions are more stringent.


AUSTRALIA: Five million people are again confined to her home since Thursday, and for six weeks in Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia.

The State of Victoria, where Melbourne, closed on Wednesday all of its borders in order to preserve the rest of Australia, which up to now has managed to control the epidemic of COVID-19.

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