COVID-19: “This is not the age that is the major factor,” says Dr. Richard Béliveau

COVID-19: «Ce n’est pas l’âge qui est le facteur majeur», affirme le Dr Richard Béliveau

A doctor in biochemistry, Richard Béliveau, explains that the risk of developing a severe form of the COVID-19 are not only related to being an older person, but also to “the chronic diseases”.

“The reason why there has been an increase in NURSING homes, it is because the people who are in NURSING homes, they are sick. It is not in a CHSLD if one is not sick. This is not the age that is the major factor, must stop to say that. It is the fact that you have a chronic illness”, wanted to clarify Mr. Béliveau at the show , One is not required to agree, with Sophie Durocher, on QUB radio, Tuesday.

The chronic disease would increase our vulnerability to virus attacks”, just like obesity.

  • LISTEN to the interview of Dr Richard Béliveau on QUB radio:

“We’re going to have a blast – unfortunately – terrible in the United States, because the percentage of young adults with an overload of weight is very high, and already there is increases in the younger populations in the United States, you will have less views, because obesity is less strong,” said the scientific director of the Chair in the prevention and treatment of cancer at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

He also recalled that “63% of the canadian population is overweight weight”, or “17 million Canadians.”

“People who are old, who are thin and who do not have a chronic illness, they will pass through the majority of the health problems that those who are sick or overweight are going to have,” said Richard Béliveau.

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