COVID-19: this testimony from a carrier funeral gives cold in the back

COVID-19: ce témoignage d’un transporteur funéraire donne froid dans le dos

“I’ve never seen it. I don’t have the words. We enter NURSING homes, the staff walks away when he sees us arrive. You look people in the eyes, residents, there are many who are afraid. They ask, it will be the next.”

Michel Bédard has been working for a transportation company funeral. In an interview with QUB radio, with Sophie Durocher, he says that the company received four times more calls in the last two weeks.

“We don’t provide”, he testified.

“It is mind-blowing. The number of cases that one gets from COVID-19 is in constant increase. At the beginning, we had maybe one or two per week, but since last week, it’s almost right it’s done. Just yesterday, I transported 12”, he says.

LISTEN to the full interview of Michel Bédard at QUB radio:

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