COVID-19: towards the end of the points of press on the weekend in Quebec city

COVID-19: vers la fin des points de presse le week-end à Québec

Then you are about to reach the peak of the epidemic of coronavirus in Quebec, the office of the prime minister François Legault is considering not to make any more points of press on the weekend.

Everything can still change, especially if, by misfortune, the situation degenerates, but there is every reason to believe that the trio Legault–Arruda–McCann will take a break from your meetings up here day-to-day with the parliamentary press.

In the entourage of the prime minister, it is explained that it is “objective”, that it is time to start thinking about taking breaks.

Even if this remains to be confirmed, sooner rather than later, the press briefings to report the status of the COVID-19 across the province will continue to take place, but on weekdays only.

A daily meeting

Since the beginning of the crisis, a month ago, it has become a daily meeting for millions of Quebecers confined to the house: on the stroke of 13h, Mr. Legault takes his place alongside his minister of Health, Danielle McCann, and the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda.

The most recent ratings indicated that more than 2.5 million viewers were tuned to the press conference broadcast simultaneously on TVA, Radio-Canada, LCN and RDI, among others.

A few times, the Saturday, the deputy first minister Geneviève Guilbault has replaced the prime minister, in order to allow him to take a day off. This was to be the case last Saturday, but Mr. Legault has taken the collar in front of the gravity of the situation at the CHSLD Herron, Dorval. If the situation requires it, the parliamentary press could be called again at the end of the week, we were assured.

Dr. Arruda has also been pointed out at the occasion by his deputy, Dr. Richard Massé.

Last Sunday, the trio took a first break in a month on the occasion of Easter. The balance sheet has been transmitted by press release, a scenario which is expected to reproduce over the next few weekends.

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