COVID-19 : Trump accuses Beijing of minimizing the death toll

COVID-19 : Trump accuse Pékin de minimiser le bilan des morts

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump on Friday launched new accusations against China, believing that the balance of deaths related to the new coronavirus in the country was “much higher” than indicated by the chinese authorities.

China denied on Friday any concealment on the pandemic coronavirus, while reviewing the increase in the number of victims chinese of the epidemic.

Since its emergence in late 2019 to Wuhan, a metropolis in the centre of the country, the coronavirus has infected more than 2 million people around the world, leads to the confinement environment with at least 4.5 billion people, and put to partial or total unemployment of tens of millions of them, of which 22 million alone in the United States.

“There has never been any concealment and we will not allow never any concealment,” assured a spokesman of the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, touting a “response (…) irreproachable” in his country to this health crisis.

This manager merely acknowledged “delays” and “omissions” in the registration of deaths. A few hours earlier, the mayor of Wuhan had created the surprise by increasing his number of the dead, announcing the 1290 people dead, of the victims in fact died, among them, has justified the municipality.

Institute of virology

This new count door-to-4632 the balance sheet of the deaths in the most populous country in the world, according to these official figures, chinese.

“China has just announced the doubling of the number of deaths caused by the invisible Enemy. It is much higher than that and higher than that of the United States! ” tweeted in return for Mr. Trump, whose country has more than 33, 000 deaths.

If it is not stricto-sensu a “doubling” of the number as put forward by the american president, it is, however, a new load blaring of the president against Beijing.

The us administration accuses for weeks the communist regime of having “concealed” the severity of the epidemic. It announced on Thursday to have launched a “comprehensive investigation” on the origin of the disease Covid-19, confirming the thesis that it might have come from a laboratory in Wuhan, and not a market of exotic animals, such as generally accepted till now.

On the same day, the French president Emmanuel Macron had questioned the lack of transparency of the chinese authorities, following the footsteps of the Americans. There are ” obviously things that happened that we don’t know “, he said.

The british foreign secretary Dominic Raab has also suggested that Beijing should respond to the ” difficult questions concerning the appearance of the virus and why it could not be stopped earlier “.

The novel coronavirus is suspected to have appeared in an outdoor market in Wuhan where exotic animals were sold alive. Of animal origin and is close to a virus in bats, it might be transmitted to Humans and mutate.

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