COVID-19 : Trump suspends the u.s. contribution to the WHO

COVID-19 : Trump suspend la contribution américaine à l’OMS

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump announced Tuesday that it was suspending the contribution of the United States to the world health Organization (WHO), guilty in his eyes of having committed many of the “errors” in the face of coronavirus.

“The world has received a lot of false information on the transmission and mortality” of the Covid-19, launched Mr. Trump, in a long and violent indictment against this agency of the UN.

For several days, the administration will Trump criticism with a vengeance the attitude of the united nations agency based in Geneva, denouncing in particular his stance, in his eyes too favorable to Beijing.

“Today, I hereby order the suspension of the funding of the world health Organization while a study is conducted to examine its role in the mismanagement and the concealment of the spread of the coronavirus,” quipped Mr. Trump in the gardens of the White House.

Stressing that the United States contributed to the tune of “400 to 500 million dollars per year” to the organization, compared to about 40 million dollars “and even less” to China, Mr. Trump felt that his country had the duty to claim accounts.

“If the WHO had done his work and sent medical experts to China to investigate objectively the situation on the ground, the epidemic could have been contained at its source with very little of the dead”, has he hammered.

“We have had problems with them for years,” he said.

Hand outstretched to the governors

The american president is, moreover, remained evasive on the conditions in which he expressed the wish that the United States put in place progressively the déconfinement.

After having a very authoritarian on Monday — “It is the president of the United States who decides!” — he adopted a tone much more conciliatory vis-à-vis the governors.

“We’re all very well-and we all want to make the right decisions”, he launched.

With the first signals are encouraging in the face of the Covid-19, related to the stabilization of the rate of contamination, the debate has quickly shifted on the means to “re-open the faucet” while keeping an eye on a possible restart of the epidemic.

The billionaire republican has not submitted, as he had promised, the composition of the “committee on the re-opening of our country”.

Andrew Cuomo, governor of the State of New York, had strongly denounced on Tuesday morning about the president’s statement that he had any power to order the déconfinement in the States.

“The president’s position is simply absurd. This is not what the law says. This is not what the constitution says. We do not have a king, we have a president,” he launched.

The tenant of the White House can certainly set the tone, set a course, but the system of federal grants to the governors of the 50 States the power to take compulsory measures of containment or déconfinement.

To this day, Donald Trump has not done that make recommendations for social distancing until the end of April.

“Re-opening by steps”

For several days, on both coasts of the United States, the governors come together to outline coordinated responses.

To the east, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware and Pennsylvania. To the west, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Eager to mark his territory, Andrew Cuomo is even more explicit about the weight it would give to a possible injunction of the president.

“If he gave me the order to reopen in a manner that would endanger the public health in my State, I wouldn’t,” he said, estimating that it would trigger a battle in the courts that the United States cannot afford in the current context.

Massive increase in testing, containment measures specific to the over 65 years of age, progressive reopening for some shopping: all of the governors to prepare their transition plans.

And most of them remind us tirelessly a hard truth to accept: the new coronavirus, which causes the disease of the Covid-19, will not have disappeared at the end of the confinement. A large majority of the population will be avoided and will thus be likely to be contaminated as long as there will be no vaccine.

“This will be a re-opening in stages”, says Andrew Cuomo. “There is no switch. This is not binary”.

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