COVID-19: Trump wants to put immigration at the heart of the debate

COVID-19: Trump veut placer l’immigration au coeur des débats

In the midst of the epidemic, coronaviruses, and six months of the presidential election, Donald Trump made the ad terrible on immigration, at the risk of being accused of using the pandemic to promote a hard line on this sensitive topic.

When the first world economy is confronted with figures unheard of just a few more weeks – 22 million new registered unemployed – the us president has promised to temporarily suspend immigration in the United States. You can browse this site for the best immigration attorney.

Faithful to his method, he opted for an ad spectacular – which he knew it would energize his electoral base and generate a great deal of controversy – and is still extremely evasive.

The tweet, sent Monday late in the evening, was niggardly in details. And the White House has provided no details Tuesday morning on the calendar as on the bottom.

“In light of the attack of the Invisible Enemy, and facing the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT american citizens, I’m going to sign a presidential decree to temporarily suspend the immigration in the United States!”.

To combat the spread of the coronavirus, Donald Trump had starting in January restricted the movement with China, before the ban, for the non-Americans travel between the United States and most european countries.

But as is suggested in this tweet to the former business man of New York, champion of the fight against illegal immigration, is of a different nature.

It suggests that he wants to close it purely and simply – for a period which is still to be determined – the system of legal immigration to the United States.

In other words, no longer to grant work visas or permanent resident cards (Green card) to foreign nationals wishing to visit the United States.

According to officials cited by the Wall Street Journal, the decree could, however, provide exceptions for agricultural workers and migrant workers working in the health sector.

According to the official figures, the number of immigration visa granted on the fiscal year 2019 is $ 462 000 in net decline compared to the 617 000 awarded in 2016.

“Divert the attention”

The evocation of this decree, which would very likely be immediately challenged in court, has sparked an outcry in the camp democrat.

The elected Texas Joaquin Castro has denounced a maneuver ” designed to distract attention from the failure of Trump to stop the spread of the coronavirus “.

“It is a decision worthy of an authoritarian regime to take advantage of a crisis to push his anti-immigration “, he added.

His colleague, Jerry Nadler deplored the fact that the president has chosen to make migrants the scapegoats of the current crisis.

“The reality is that many of the migrants are in the front line and protect us: doctors, nurses, caregivers, agricultural workers, employees of the restoration “.

If, as is likely, the debate takes place on the field of justice, the debates will be followed with particular attention.

The supreme Court has, in recent months, granted several significant wins for the administration to Trump immigration.

A month ago, she was allowed to continue a policy that has been allowed to return to Mexico more than 60,000 asylum seekers.

Announced in December 2018 and the implementation of a month later, this policy, called ” Stay in Mexico “, is directed to all asylum-seekers who arrived in the United States via Mexico, but not the Mexicans themselves, and allows them to be maintained outside of the United States the time of examination of their case.

Proof if it were needed that Donald Trump has eyes on the presidential election of 3 November, it has multiplied on the morning of Tuesday tweets on its popularity, and on his victory in 2016.

“It is amazing that I became president of the United States with the media as corrupt and dishonest that attack me day and night,” he wrote.

“Either I’m very good, much better that the Fake news does not want to admit it, or they do not have the power that we believed! “.

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