COVID-19: Videotron Business launches a bracelet to enforce physical distancing

COVID-19: Videotron Business launches a bracelet to enforce physical distancing

Videotron Business is helping businesses in the midst of a pandemic by offering them its new Radius bracelet, which helps ensure that physical distancing is respected in the workplace.

Since Wednesday, the Radius bracelet can be ordered by companies. Designed and manufactured in its entirety in Quebec, it warns its user when the rules of two meters of distancing are not respected. The bracelet vibrates and emits light beams if there is a violation of the rules issued by public health.

“Each bracelet records interactions too close and using an anonymous identifier,” Videotron Business said Wednesday in a press release.

Out of concern for confidentiality, only the company knows who is wearing each bracelet and Videotron Business does not have access to the data.

If a Radius bracelet user tests positive for COVID-19, the company can then identify which colleagues have been in contact with them and take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

“This contact logging respects the privacy of employees, not proceeding with geolocation data or with privileged information,” it was indicated.

“Quebec businesses have had to adapt quickly to the new realities we are currently experiencing. At Videotron Business, we are aware of the challenges businesses face on a daily basis. The Radius bracelet is an ethical product which aims precisely to help companies juggle all the new health measures they must put in place. Whether you are a small and medium-sized business (SME) or even a large business, this product will adapt to all realities to protect your employees and customers, ”said Jean Novak, President of Videotron Business.

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