COVID-19: “We need you,” said François Legault, the 9500 employees of health absent

COVID-19: «On a besoin de vous», dit François Legault aux 9500 employés de la santé absents

Vincent Larin

After you have called in the army to take care of seniors in NURSING homes, the prime minister, François Legault, has cried out for him Thursday, the approximately 9500 employees of health missing link with the COVID-19 : “we need you”, their a-t-launched it.

Approximately 4000 of these persons are absent, because they are infected by the virus and quarantined. But the leader of the Coalition avenir Québec is addressed to the “5500 that are not infected” to ask them to come lend a hand as soon as possible.

“We all have personal protective equipment, then there are clear instructions that are sent everywhere to not take any chance, any risk to your safety “, has he said during his press briefing daily.

The prime minister is also worried to see an ever-increasing number of these employees to be absent (800 more than the day before, Thursday), and has thus justified its call to the canadian armed Forces to receive the assistance of 1000 soldiers.

“We are in the process of rééplucher “I contribute!” At the beginning, when I was looking at the people who wanted to be volunteers, we tried to find people who had qualifications in health. There, I say to you that what you are looking for, it’s a lot of arms,” he explained.

More than 100 new deaths

For the fourth time since the beginning of the crisis, the prime minister François Legault has lamented more than a hundred new deaths related to the COVID-19. The authorities also report nearly 900 people and infected more than Wednesday.

The number of confirmed cases climbs, more specifically, to 21 838 or 873 of more than the day before. With 109 deaths additional, the death count now stands at 1243.

There is now 1411 patients admitted to hospital, an increase of 133 patients. Among them, 207 are currently treated in the icu, which is 8 more than the day before.

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