COVID: a Rimouski company has to deal with the growth in time of a pandemic

COVID: une entreprise de Rimouski doit composer avec la croissance en temps de pandémie

RIMOUSKI – Despite the gradual recovery of the québec economy, many businesses will not pass through the pandemic, but other, more fortunate, have rather enjoyed the last few weeks to experience a unexpected growth.

This is the case of the artisanal bakery Lemon Confit de Rimouski. The small company specializes in the sale of online-only breads and pastries without the allergen.

Over the past six weeks, it has seen its sales be multiplied by four. Its owner claims to have known in a few weeks the growth that she had hoped during the next five years. So she had to adapt very quickly to maintain the pace.

“We began a transition to digital about three years, said Gabrielle Dion, who is the owner of the bakery, Confit Lemon. We decided to close our shop and we really focused on the internet. It is almost 90 % of our sales is online.”

The latter believes that “it is both exciting and nerve-wracking period that we are living currently. Yes our turnover has increased significantly, but it brings a pressure to say I am doubly or even triply working to try to maintain that.”

The main challenge to get there, it is the one of the workforce, because it is not easy to recruit bakers. The company had found one in France, but the pandemic was prevented from coming to settle in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

The company will therefore in the meantime training of assistants-bakers. A program launched by the Quebec government in recent weeks will help him financially.

“It really makes a big jump, I felt a bit panicked in all of this. So the program just happens to point. I think that is what is missing for me to be able to cope with it, ” added Gabrielle Dion.

The bakery, Confit Lemon also intends to take advantage of the current crisis to improve its internet site, the only link with its customers.

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