COVID: parents satisfied with day camps in the Saguenay

COVID: des parents satisfaits des camps de jour au Saguenay

Eagerly awaited by young people, in particular the Saguenay, the day camps in the summer period do not have the same pace this year, but it’s going very well, in spite of everything.

The day camps have started in the last few weeks in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Both side of the City of Saguenay as the Patro de Jonquière, and it’s going very well.

For the moment no positive case is out of day camps in the Saguenay. A plan has been put in place in order not to take any risk.

If the young people who show symptoms in current day, they are immediately isolated. For the moment, the protocol had to be put in place, less than a dozen times. In spite of everything, all the tests proved to be negative.

For the City of Saguenay, it is a sign that the protocols put in place are working.

Both on the side of the Patro de Jonquière camps Saguenay, the number of places has greatly diminished because of the measures. The Patro de Jonquière, the number of young people increased from 900 to 300.

The parents met with are satisfied to this. It is important for them that young people can have fun in the company of their friends after several weeks of confinement.

The camps do not have the same allure as in 2019. In Saguenay, no visitor is allowed inside the school. The youth are separated into small groups, assigned to a class and may not visit another local.

One wishes, however, that the youngsters are having fun. It holds the same type of activity in 2019, but with a few changes. Even with all the measures, the happiness is waiting for you and the young people spend a great summer.

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