COVID19: The LBJEQ investigates scenarios for the summer

Forced to push back his start to the season which was expected in mid-may at an unknown date, the major League baseball junior élite du Québec (LBJEQ) plate on three scenarios so that its 13 teams jump out on the field this summer.

The commissioner Rodger Brulotte has revealed the information in a telephone interview with The Newspaper Friday, a few hours after you have confirmed that the 74th campaign of the circuit could not be set in motion on the 16th may next.

Of the three plans on the table that have been offered to the teams, a schedule reduced from 38 to 20 games would be more realistic to see the day when the guidelines of the public health permit, according to our sources. It is for this reason that the LBJEQ can’t move forward on a launch date for the moment.

“We’re going to begin once the government of Quebec will we say yes and once the pitches will be ready. The government guidelines will tell us if we can play. In addition, there are regional constraints to consider. Our teams can move from one region to another ?

“In addition, and I don’t want to sound arrogant, but if we implements regulations that are completely out of the baseball, it will not play. I don’t think we can keep 2 m distance in the baseball competition. There is also the whole question of the changing rooms, ” said Mr. Brulotte.

The commissioner notes that the activities of its circuit will be dependent on decisions taken in each of the municipalities that are home to a junior club elite. “If Montreal does not open the parks before the 31st of July, that means we can not play before the 1st August. The team could play in Laval ? It is to see “, will questioned it aloud.

The teams held a training camp of 10 days before their first official match. “For the moment, our players can’t train because they are not covered for their insurance baseball (or accidents). If they do, it is at their own risk. ”

Major losses

Even if most of the training of the LBJEQ are non-profit organizations (NPOS), these will soak up significant financial losses due to the pandemic of the COVID-19.

“No training is going to make money. They will all undergo a major shortfall, no doubt. They all want to play, but we are looking for slow travel. As for the series, this will be determined according to the number of games we have played, ” said Mr. Brulotte.

In addition, the canadian national junior baseball championships scheduled to be held in Gatineau in mid-August have been cancelled following the decision of Baseball Canada to cancel all of its national events in 2020.

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