Cracked due to construction: crumbling in the Petersburg house is not repaired 100 years

PHOTO : MIR / Maria Androsova


In St. Petersburg destroyed a house. Him evacuated 40 people. A six-story building never capitally not repaired. But when there began to build high-rise building, the building did not survive. What will happen now with people and their housing, found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Rodion Kovalev.

Building on Vyborgskaya street is still vacant. The house is surrounded by police and covered with red and white tape. People are not allowed inside. Residents were given only a few minutes, so they went into their apartment and took the items”.

To crumble the house began the previous evening, in the apartments began to crumble plaster. Residents appealed to the rescuers. Experts immediately evacuated people. Night about 40 people held in the adjacent gymnasium. Many are still there.

In the morning the damage was inspected by the Commission for emergency situations. It turned out, here she comes not for the first time. Last fall, the neighborhood began construction, at the same time and went to the first crack.

“In October I was there when it first started construction, when they scored piles. And it is immediately reflected on the technical condition of the house. Then we made the decision with the developer that will be monitored weekly, but the situation showed that the monitoring should be carried out daily,” – said the head of administration of the Vyborg district Valerijans.

Residents do not know when I will be able to return home. Many have suggested to move to the time in maneuverable Fund. While experts continue to examine the building. The construction of apartment buildings in the neighborhood just in case stopped.

“Eight beacons were installed for monitoring: two beacon exploded, made a crack about two to five millimeters. Currently work is under way to determine the suitability of building structures, partitions, ceilings” – said the Deputy chief of GU of EMERCOM of Russia for Saint-Petersburg Roman Emelyanov.

The victim house is over 100 years old, major repairs here were never there. According to officials, is now housing, which has fallen into disrepair, will be restored at the expense of the developer. Of course, if his guilt is confirmed.