Craze monster in shops of Quebec

Engouement monstre dans des commerces de Québec

Dominique Lelièvre ,
Jean-Michel Genoese Gagnon and
Alex Drouin

The Purell in abundance, queues, counters that have never been as clean : workers in the retail trade and many customers have experienced the ” new ” way to shop, yesterday, in Quebec and in the regions where the retailers on the storefront could finally restart their activities. After six weeks of closure and with the return of the beautiful days, the consumer, to two metres away from others as much as possible, clearly had purchases urgent to do.

The sellers of bikes roll at full speed

Many outdoor enthusiasts are restricted in their activities to fall back on the cycling to weather the pandemic.

“There’s not much else to do and one does not work, so, make of the bike, it allows you to pass the time,” says Alexandre Ruel, who was waiting in front of the shop Mathieu Performance, in Limoilou, to buy a new bench.

Moreover, the co-owner of the establishment, Philippe Desgagnés, says that the store is running at full throttle, and this, in spite of the health crisis today.

“The month of may is our biggest month usually, and so far, we do not see any difference. On the side of the workshop, we already been to three weeks of waiting, even if each appointment lasts only 15 minutes. ”

Stronger than usual in Latulippe

Sales have exceeded projections on the side of the shops Latulippe. Yesterday, at noon, they were already equivalent to those of a Monday in may ” as usual “, if we compare with last year.

“And then, on the web, it seems that it is not flagging, either. It is like being attacked on two fronts, ” says the co-owner of the brand, François Latulippe. Remains to be seen if it will hold. For us, it is day one. ”

The employees have had to learn to work with a visor or a mask. “This is bastard, especially if you wear glasses. I tried the mask, but I cannot see anything with my glasses, so I keep the visor for the moment, ” says one clerk, Richard Lapointe.

Retailers prefer to wait before opening

Even if they could reopen, many retailers have preferred to keep their doors closed, yesterday, as the brands IKEA, Benjo and Simons.

In recent days, traders said they feared that traffic is not at the rendezvous. They felt that the addition of the weight of the wage bill could further weaken the financial health of their organization.

At IKEA, the retailer has chosen to maintain the closure of its store network. The plan of the Swedish giant should soon be unveiled.

At la Maison Simons, The management aims on 19 may for the opening of its branches. Of the side retailer of toys Benjo in Saint-Roch, no date has yet been set.

At Decathlon, Sainte-Foy, the store is expected to open Thursday. Same thing for the banner Jysk in shopping center Fleur de Lys.

More comfort at home

The confinement of the last few weeks has led many people to telework, sometimes without being prepared.

The reopening of Bureau en gros has smiled to the workers who want to improve their working conditions at home, especially as this could continue for a certain period of time.

“I came to buy me a new office chair, I only had a wooden chair not comfortable,” says Lou Perraud.

An employee of the establishment, located at rue Cyrille-Duquet says that it is the computer hardware which was the most requested yesterday.

Of plexiglas in reinforcement

A trade of Sherbrooke who specializes in the foot race has taken major steps to ensure that its reopening is done safely by installing plexiglass between the customers who try the shoes, and employees who advise them.

“I would say that 99 % of our customers who have gone in the day [yesterday] have enjoyed and have found very good idea,” says the co-owner of the shop The Rider, Kenny Beaudette.

Three stations fitting temporary constructed with six panels of plexiglas that allow us to avoid any contact between employees and customers.

Shoes for children

In Lévis, parents flocked to the Sports Experts Galeries Chagnon shopping, a few days back in class at primary school.

“We are happy that it reopened. We are looking for running shoes and caps for the children. The three children return to school next Monday, ” says Gilles Rodrigue, in the company of her 7-year old daughter and her 10-year old boy.

The big boss of the Group Boucher Sports, Martin Butcher, has noticed that the respect for the rules of detachment physics can be done quite easily.

“Customers are accustomed to. It seems that we have always worked the same. We are very impressed to see how people cross each other and change places, it is done as naturally “, he observes.

In the queue for 3 hours for the fabric to masks

The craze for the manufacture of protective masks is still going strong. Forced to order their fabric online until yesterday, dressmakers amateurs stormed the store Club Fabric, Québec, since its opening in order to replenish himself.

“We expected a certain amount of goodwill, but not at this point ! People began to arrive at 7: 30 p.m., so that it opened only at 9: 30. At some point, there must have been 300 people outside the store ! “exclaimed Michel Verret, right arm of the owner Jean-Mathieu Roy.

A client, Valérie Fortin, has even waited more than three hours in the queue outside to buy the equipment necessary in the manufacture of masks for employees of the CPE where she works.

Caught out by the traffic monster, Club Fabrics has had to limit the sale of rubber bands to 10 meters per person to avoid a shortage.

The gyms at home are popular

The inability to go let off steam at the gym has what you need to make crazy more accustomed to the training rooms. Many fans of bodybuilding do not have other choice than to create their own home gym.

“It is difficult to be confined when we want to stay in shape,” says Martin Veilleux, who waited patiently as a dozen other customers in front of the doors of Fitness the warehouse, on the rue Marais.

Moreover, the demand for this type of equipment has risen sharply, says the owner of the establishment, Denis Lajeunesse (photo), and not only in Quebec. “The enthusiasm […] is so huge that our suppliers have the misery to provide us with. ”

The washer has broken

The opening of the store Furnishings Tanguay Willows, in Quebec, was particularly popular. The passage of the Log, a good thirty people patientaient to the outside. Most, like Sylvie Gobeil, were by necessity more than by pleasure.

“This is the first time I go out since mid-January. The washer broke on Friday. This is a case of force majeure, without it, I would have stayed with us ! “says the 70-year old woman, behind a mask.

On the inside, it must be accompanied at all times by a seller, which therefore limits the number of people. “At the beginning, I wanted to reach my couch, but they told me : no, madame ! They gave me gloves, and I have unrolled a piece of fabric so that I can try, ” says another client, Sylvie Langlois.

Avoid back

A traffic modest allowed employees of Urban Planet, in the Place of the City, to settle in their new reality, including the mandatory wearing of the mask until further order.

“I think we’re all alert and aware enough of what is going on. Our goal is to remain open, not to close in a month. We want to rework, have a social life, then this is not in our interest not to make all possible efforts “, said the joint manageress of the store, Celine White (photo).

The lottery starts slowly

Even if Loto-Quebec has announced the restarting of the sale of lotteries at retailers, The Newspaper noted yesterday that the application resumed slowly in the Quebec city region.

Met at Couche-Tard convenience store located on the chemin Sainte-Foy, near highway, Robert-Bourassa, Robert Bertiaux was one of the first to obtain it.

“I had won a small amount before the confinement, so I took advantage of the reopening to the claim and buy another ticket at the same time “, he says.

It makes the assumption that few people have bought lottery yesterday, because the majority of seniors, many of whom are available, are always confined to their homes.

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