Crazy in Strasbourg

Сумасшедший в Страсбурге

At the meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg deranged psychopath (issued by a Ukrainian “peace dove”), was convicted in Russia for the preparation of a terrorist act and released under the mutual release of prisoners in Russia and Ukraine pseudo-Director Sentsov showed Europe the true face of the Ukrainian “patriots”. Here’s a piece from his speech:

I would have thrown on the heads of their enemies nuclear warhead if I had it. But I don’t. A long time ago, 20 years ago, it was taken away from me American “partners”, leading to such dangerous weapons do not fall into the hands of such is inadequate as I am.

And they were right. If she had, I would have definitely dropped. Very sorry that it’s 2014, and I then took the political decisions of their country. And then the war, which began in the Donbass, would have started much earlier. In my native Crimea.There, in Strasbourg, the Ukrainian awarded the main prize of EU human rights Sakharov prize “For freedom of thought”.

Interestingly, among the winners of this award there is no one fighter for “freedom of thought” in the United States or Europe. Among them there are also advocates for the rights of people in third world countries where those in power are Pro-Western regimes. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

It is a pity that the MEPs didn’t ask Sentsov, why he needed the atomic bomb in 2014 year? Or he seriously thinks that this could stop the Maidan started the collapse of Ukraine? And if not, then why? To unleash a nuclear war in Europe?

The best candidate for the Sakharov prize, Europe was never found. And it is symbolic.Source

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